ePaper products: comprehensive guide

You can use the categories below to view our list of gadgets with ePaper (E Ink, mostly) displays, or scroll down to our complete table of ePaper gadgets (sorted by date).


eReaders with ePaper displays
eReader devices

ePaper Wearables

ePaper Wearables
Wearable devices with ePaper displays

ePaper monitors

ePaper monitors
Monitors with ePaper displays


eNotebooks with ePaper displays
eNotebooks with ePaper displays

ePaper phones

Phones with ePaper displays
Mobile phones with ePaper displays

ePaper laptops

Laptops with ePaper displays
Laptops with ePaper displays
Name ePaper display type Device type
Bigme HiBreak 5.84" monochrome / color E Ink Mobile phones
Modos Tech Paper Monitor 13.3" 60Hz 1600x1200 monochrome/color E Ink Monitors
Kobo Clara Colour 6" E Ink 1448 x 1072 Kaleido 3 display E-Readers
Kobo Libra Colour 7" color 1264x1680 E Ink Kaleido 3 touchscreen E-Readers
Minimal Phone Square touch E Ink Mobile phones
Xiaomi Moaan inkPalm 5 Pro 5.2" 1820x780 E Ink Carta HD display E-Readers
Bigme E-Ink 25.3" All-In-One PC 25.3" color front-lit E Ink Misc devices
TCL 40 NXTPAPER 6.78” FHD+ / 6.6" HD+ NXTPAPER display Mobile phones
Dasung Paperlike Color 25.3-inch 3K Kaleido 3 Color E Ink Monitors
Philips Tableaux 25" color ACeP E Ink display Signage
Dasung PaperLike 253U 25.3" 3200x1800 E Ink display Monitors
Kobo Elipsa 2E 10.3" 300PPI E Ink touchscreen E-Readers
Bigme inkNote Color+ 10.3" 1860 x 2480 (greyscale) / 930 x 1240 pixels (color) Kaleido 3 E Ink display e-notebooks
Hisense A9 1648x824 monochrome E Ink Mobile phones
Sol Reader Dual E Ink displays E-Readers
Lenovo ThinkBook Twist 13.3" color E Ink E-paper Laptops
Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid Wellness Edition 1.17" 179 PPI round E Ink Wearables
Dasung Link 6.7" 300 PPI E Ink Misc devices
Ledger Stax 3.7" 400x672 curved E Ink display Misc devices
Philips 24B1D5600 13.3" 1200x1600 E Ink Carta Monitors
Amazon Kindle Scribe 10.2" 300 PPI E Ink e-notebooks
Amazon Kindle 2022 6" 300 PPI glare-free E Ink E-Readers
Bigme inkNote Color 10.3" E Ink Kaleido 2, 1872x1404 BW, 936x702 color e-notebooks
Xiaomi InkPalm Plus 5.84" E Ink E-Readers
Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight 4e 6" E Ink display E-Readers