Here's our list of gadgets that use E Ink. There are any e-readers that use E Ink displays, and we do not list them all here. You may visit E-Reader-Info's e-reader list for a more complete listing.

Name Device type
Fossil Monroe Wearables
Onyx BOOX Note Air e-notebooks
Onyx BOOX Max Lumi e-notebooks
Dasung Not-eReader 103 e-notebooks
Avalue E Ink Digital Paper Tablet e-notebooks
Qingping Cleargrass Misc devices
HiSense A5C Mobile phones
Hisense Q5 Misc devices
SQFMI Watchy Wearables
Lenovo ThinkBook Plus E-paper Laptops
Seagate Lyve Drive Shuttle Misc devices
Fossil Hybrid HR Wearables
Fujifilm X-Pro3 Cameras
Sharp WG-PN1 e-notebooks
Amazon Kindle Kids Edition E-Readers
Mudita Pure Mobile phones
Hisense A5 Mobile phones
Kobo Libra H2O E-Readers
Amazon Kindle Oasis 2019 E-Readers
Xiaomi Ink Case Smart Electronic Paper e-notebooks
NOOK GlowLight Plus E-Readers
Xiaomi iReader A6 E-Readers
Dasung Paperlike HD-FT Monitors
EeWrite E-pad e-notebooks
Amazon Kindle 2019 E-Readers
Xiaomi QingPing Thermometer - Mijia version Misc devices
Onyx Boox Nova Pro E-Readers
Onyx Boox Note Pro e-notebooks
LDLC Nemeio E Ink Keyboard Keyboards
Dasung Not-eReader Misc devices
NTT DoCoMo Card Keitai Mobile phones
Kobo Forma E-Readers
Astrohaus Traveler E-paper Laptops
HiSense A6 Mobile phones
CoolWallet S Misc devices
Eve Room Misc devices
Boyue Likebook Mars E-Readers
Lenovo Yoga Book C930 E-paper Laptops
GLIGO E Ink smartwatch Wearables
Kobo Clara HD E-Readers
King Jim Pomera D30 E Ink writer E-paper Laptops
Faubel-Med E Ink smart label Misc devices
Sony DPT-CP1 e-notebooks
Light Phone 2 Mobile phones
Xiaomi Digital Thermometer Hygrometer Misc devices
Royole RoWrite e-notebooks
Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight 3 E-Readers
MpicoSys PicoSign E-Readers
MpicoSys PicoLabel Signage
Bookeen Saga E-Readers
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