Electronic paper (or e-paper) is a collective name for display technologies that offer paper-like performance - high display clarity and sunlight readability, and all that with very low power consumption (usually ePaper displays do not require any power while the image is not changing).

ePaper displays are found in many devices (most people will associate ePaper displays with e-readers such as Amazon's Kindle). Since 2019 or so, companies also started to produce e-notebooks, which are large tablet devices with ePaper displays, mostly used for note taking and reading reference books.

The latest e-notebooks with ePaper displays

New e-paper device:Bigme inkNote Color+

Buigme inkNote Color+ is the company's latest E Ink color tablet, and the first one on the market to adopt a Kaleido 3 display - 10.3" 1860 x 2480 (greyscale) / 930 x 1240 pixels (color). The latest generation CFA ePaper display offers better color saturation and a higher resolution. Other features include a MediaTek Helio P35 chipset, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, a mciroSD slot and a heavily customized Android 11 OS.

Bigme will ship the inkNote Color+ in China soon.

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New e-paper device:Bigme inkNote Color

The Bigme inkNote Color is an Android tablet that uses a 10.3" color E Ink display (Kaleido 2). The resolution is 1872x1404 (226 PPI) in monochrome, and 936x702 (117 PPI) in color. The tablet also features 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, a 2.3 Gbz octa-core chipset and a 8MP back camera.

The inkNote Color will ship soon for $699.

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New e-paper device:ITOCHU Alteric Note

ITOCHU's Alteric Note is an eNote device that is based on a 13.3" E Ink display. The device, which will be exclusive in Japan and sold by Conexio, is targeting the B2B market for businesses that move from a paper-intensive environment, to one that focuses on a more sustainable solution with increased efficiencies.

The Alteric Note was developed in collaboration with E Ink and Sony Semiconductor Solutions.

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New e-paper device:Hanvon N10

Hanvon's N10 is an e-Note reader offers a 10.3" touch-enabled HD E Ink display, an electromagnetic pen (included) and an Android OS.

The N10 will ship soon, and is already avaialble for pre-order in China for 1,999 Yuan (around $300).

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New e-paper device: Avalue E Ink Digital Paper Tablet (2022)

Avalue's Digital Paper Tablet (2022 edition) is an E Ink tablet that is aimed towards the industrial and educational markets. The 2022 edition offers the latest E Ink Carta 1250 displays, and comes in two sizes: 10.3” 1404×1872 note size and a 13.3” 1650×2200 letter size.

The DPT offers touch support (Wacom), 32 GB of storage, an eMMC card slot, and an .MX 8M mini chipset.

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New e-paper device:TCL NxtPaper 10s

TCL's NxtPaper 10s is a tablet device that sports TCL's NCVM reflective LC display. The display is a 10.1" 1200x1920 (224 PPI) panel and the 10s offers an Octa-core Mediatek MT8768 chipset, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and a microSDXC slot.

TCL NxtPaper 10s photo

TCL syas it will ship the NxtPaper 10s by April 2022. We do not know the price yet.

TCL says that its NxtPaper technology offers higher contrast compared to E Ink displays, while compared to LCDs, it offers a thinner design and also much higher power efficiency (as there's no backlighting unit). The NXTPAPER displays offer blue-light free operation and no flicker.
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New e-paper device: Ricoh eWhiteboard 4200

The Ricoh eWhiteboard 4200 is a large digital whiteboard that use a 42-inch E Ink Carta display with support for two pens. The device is waterproof, dust-proof, and highly power efficient. It weighs 5.9 Kg and is only 14.5 mm thick.

Ricoh eWhiteboard 4200 photo

The eWhiteboard is now shipping, in Japan only.

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New e-paper device:Fujitsu Quaderno A4 / A5 2021

Fujitsu's Quaderno A4 and A5 (2021 edition) are eNotebook devices that sports large E Ink Carta displays - 10.3" 1404x1872 (227 PPI) for the A5 and 13.3" 1650x2200 (207 PPI) for the A4. Other features include Wacom touch support, a Cortex A53 chipset, 32 GB of storage and 4GB of RAM.

Fujitsu Quaderno A4 and A5 photo

The tablets are now shipping starting at $570 for the A5 device.

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New e-paper device:Geniatech KloudNote

The Geniatech KloudNote is a eNotebook device that features a 10.3" 1872 x 1404 E Ink display with pen input, an Cortex-A35 chipset, 2GB of RAM, up to 32GB of storage and optional support for 3G/LTE connectivity.

Geniatech KloudNote photo

The KloudNote will ship soon, starting at $449.

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