Article last updated on: Nov 06, 2020

Onyx Boox Note Pro

Onyx's BOOX Note Pro is an e-notebook that sports a 10.3" 1872x1404 Mobius (flexible) Carta E Ink display, Wacom stylus, a 1.6 Ghz quad-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and Android 6. The BOOX Note Pro can be considered to be a cross between a tablet and an e-reader.

Onyx Boox Note Pro photo

The BOOX Note Pro will ship in early 2019, and will be sold via the Onyx Boox Amazon store. Onyx will also offer a smaller 7.8" version (the BOOX Nova Pro)

Dasung Not-eReader

Dasung's Not-eReader is an Android-based 7.8" E Ink (300 PPI) smart tablet-like device. Dasung claims the Not-eReader will have a video-capable fast refresh rate. Other features include a large 5,300 mAh battery, a quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

Dasung Not-eReader photo

Dasung launched a crowdfunding campaign for the Not-eReader. The device will cost $465, although early buyers will get a 26% discount.

Sony DPT-CP1

Sony's DPT-CP1 is an A5-sized digital paper that uses a 10.3" 1404x1872 (224 PPI) E Ink display. The DPT-CP1 is used to view, annotate and create documents, and uses a stylus. The device has 16GB of storage, can last around a month on a single battery charge and can be connected to Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices.

Sony DPT-CP1 photo

The DPT-CP1 will ship in Japan in June 2018 for around $650.

Royole RoWrite

Update: It turns out that the wordpad does not use a display at all, it only includes a touch sensor onto which you place regular paper that you write on.

The Royole RoWrite wordpad (RO-F930-A) is an E Ink (~10-inch) powered tablet that includes memory for about 40 notes, and it can transfer these to both iOS and Android devices (via Bluetooth). It seems that the display is 9.7" in size.

Royole RoWrite photo

The RoWrite will ship in China on December 22, for 799 yuan (about $120).

Sony DPT-RP1

Sony's DPT-RP1 is the company 2nd-gen 13" Digital Paper tablet that features a 1650x2200 (206 DPI) Mobius flexible E Ink touch display, Wi-Fi and support for handwriting input.

Sony DPT-RP1 photo

The DPT-RP1 will cost $700.

reMarkable paper tablet

reMarkable is a "paper tablet", or more precisely a 10.3" 1872 x 1404 E Ink tablet. The display is relatively fast (55 ms) and supports pen input. Other features include 8GB of storage, 512MB of RAM, a 1Ghz ARM A9 CPU, 3,000mAh battery and ePub and PDF file support.

Remarkable photo

Onyx Boox Max 13.3

The Onyx Boox Max 13.3 is a large e-reader that uses a 13.3" 1600x1200 (150 PPI) 16-grey scale flexible E Ink display. The Max 13.3 is based on a customized Android 4.0 OS and comes with an electromagnetic pen touch with pressure for natural handwriting input.

Onyx Boox Max 13.3 photo

The Boox Max 13.3 will ship on 20 May 2016 for $650. If you pre-order now you will get a $65 gift pack that includes a 32GB TF-card, a special bag and a high class notebook.

Noteslate Shiro

The Noteslate Shiro is an E Ink "writing slate" - or an e-reader that accepts input via a pressure-sensitive stylus. The display is a 6.8" 1080x1440 E Ink pearl, and other features include a 1 Ghz CPU, 8GB of storage, microSD slot and Wi-Fi. It runs on Noteslate's own OS.

Noteslate Shiro photo

Noteslate aims to ship the Shiro by February 2016, for $199.

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