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Recent e-Paper News

Alaska Airlines to launch E Ink based baggage tags

US airline Alaska Airlines launched a new smart baggage tag system, that uses E Ink labels. The company, which says it is the first in the US to adopt the technology, will offer 2,500 such tags for its frequent flyers, at no cost.

Alaska Airlines E Ink bag tags

The new tags will allow users to avoid using printed bag tags, and the activation of the device can be done using a smartphone 24 hours before the flight. This means that almost the whole check-in process can be performed at home.

Read the full story Posted: Jul 21,2022

New e-paper device:Bigme inkNote Color

The Bigme inkNote Color is an Android tablet that uses a 10.3" color E Ink display (Kaleido 2). The resolution is 1872x1404 (226 PPI) in monochrome, and 936x702 (117 PPI) in color. The tablet also features 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, a 2.3 Gbz octa-core chipset and a 8MP back camera.

Bigme inkNote Color

The inkNote Color will ship soon for $699.

Read the full story Posted: Jul 14,2022

Etulipa starts field trials of its full-color electrowetting displays

Electrowetting display developer Etulipa announced that it has started a field trial of its full-color display. The company is carrying out its evaluation in two locations - at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven and in Brookings, SD USA together with signage developer Daktronics.

Macro photo of Etulipa EWD display pixels

Etulipa says that its displays consume only 7 Watts per sqm and offer zero light pollution (it is a reflective display). The company's latest displays are based on its patented 2nd-Gen EWD technology.

Read the full story Posted: Jul 04,2022

reMarkable sold over a million E Ink tablets, raises funds at a $1 billion valuation

Remarkable, the company behind the reMarkable 10.3" 1872 x 1404 E Ink tablet says that it has sold over 1 million devices, generating over $300 million in revenue in 2021 (with an operating profit of $31 million).

reMarkable says it closed a new financing round, with a valuation of $1 billion. The company did not disclose more about the funding round - beyond saying that they have sold a minority stake for several international investors.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 11,2022

Amazon to pull out of the Chinese e-Reader and eBook markets

Amazon decided to pull out of the Chinese e-reader market. The company will stop offering Kindle devices in China by the end of June 2023, and will also stop operating its eBook stores in China.

Amazon Kindle 2016 photo

Customers in China will be able to download the Kindle app until June 2024, and of the devices themselves will continue to operate with the books stored on them.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 03,2022

New e-paper device:Xiaomi InkPalm Plus

Xiaomi's Moaan InkPalm Plus is an e-reader that offers a 5.84-inch E Ink display, Android 11 operation system, 2GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

Xiaomi InkPalm Plus

The InkPalm Plus is available via Xiaomi's own crowdfunding platform for $164.

Read the full story Posted: May 31,2022

New e-paper device:ITOCHU Alteric Note

ITOCHU's Alteric Note is an eNote device that is based on a 13.3" E Ink display. The device, which will be exclusive in Japan and sold by Conexio, is targeting the B2B market for businesses that move from a paper-intensive environment, to one that focuses on a more sustainable solution with increased efficiencies.

Itochu Alteric Note ePaper eNote

The Alteric Note was developed in collaboration with E Ink and Sony Semiconductor Solutions.

Read the full story Posted: May 27,2022

Reflective LCD developer Azumo raised $30 million

ePaper display developer Azumo announced that it raised $30 million in funding, led by Anzu Partners VR, with additional funding from SABIC Ventures, VectoIQ, Dipalo Ventures and Energy Foundry. The company will use the funds to accelerate its expansion and increase its manufacturing capabilities.

Hanvon N10

Azumo (previously FLEx Lighting) developed a sunlight-readable, reflective LCD 2.0 technology that offers up to 10x the energy savings compared to traditional backlit LCDs. Azumo says its displays combine high video rate capability with superior readability in bright sunlight conditions to eliminate glare. Azumo offers its displays in sizes ranging from 1-inch to 17-inch.

Read the full story Posted: May 17,2022