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Recent e-Paper News

Saule Technologies launches perovskite solar based ESL technology

Poland-based perovskite solar developer Sulate Technologies launched a new technology that integrates perovskite solar panels with ePaper Electronic Shelf Labels. The company says that these are the first ESLs of its kind, and they use either 2-color or 3-color E Ink panels.

PESL by Saule Technologies image

Perovskite solar panels are highly efficient, and can maintain their high efficiency in artificial light, and also in indirect indoor lighting, which makes this solution viable in many installation environments, unlike conventional solar-based solar panels. The perovskite panels are also highly flexible, light and thin.

E Ink and TPV launch a 25.3" four-color Spectra E Ink displays

E Ink Holdings announced that it partnered with TPV Technology to launch the first 25.3" E Ink Spectra 3100 color display to the transportation and smart retail markets.

The new E Ink display features four-color technology, with black, white, red, and yellow pigments. When used as transportation signage for railways and buses, it can display alerts and reminders, schedules and changes or other notifications for travel. And when applied in the retail field, it can be used as Point-of-Purchase signage to promotion product information, with vivid reds and yellows to attract consumers' attention.

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TÜV Rheinland awards E Ink's Kaleido Plus display with its new Paper Like Display certification

E Ink Holdings (EIH), announced that TÜV Rheinland Greater China has awarded its Kaleido Plus E Ink display with a "Paper Like Display" certification. This is the first display that receives TUVR's new certification.

Sony DPT-CP1 Version 2 photo

EIH and experts at TÜV Rheinland worked in collaboration for two years to develop a metric for evaluating specific optical indicators on reading comfort for paper-like display products. These parameters were then evaluated against reading comfort in conjunction with user experience to arrive at the Paper Similarity Index (PSI), aimed to help consumers select ePaper products that offer a high level of reading or visual comfort.

New e-paper device: Mudita Harmony

The Mudita Harmony is a "contemporary and minimalist" alarm clock, that features a 2.84-inch 480x600 (270 PPI) E Ink display with a soft (2300K) backlight. Other features include bedtime, meditation and power nap timers and a dedicated music library for relaxation and sleep.

Mudita Harmony photo

The Mudita Harmony are now open for pre-order, for $99, with shipments expected by February 2022.

New e-paper device: Kobo Sage

Kobo's new flagship e-reader, the Sage, features a 8" 1440x1920 E Ink Carta 1200 display, adaptive ComfortLight Pro frontlight. The Sage, which sports 32GB of storage and a 1.8 Ghz quadcore chipset, can be used to take notes with a stylus (sold separately).

Kobo Sage photo

The Sage will ship by the end of October 2021, for $260.

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