TCL announces a new reflective LC display technology called NXTPAPER

TCL announced a new display technology, called NXTPAPER, which uses liquid-crystal technology on a reflective substrate, as can be seen in the image below. TCL did not disclose much about the technology, but it says it offers higher contrast compared to E Ink displays. Compared to LCDs, it offers a thinner design and also much higher power efficiency (as there's no backlighting unit).

TCL NXRPaper technology explained

The NXTPAPER displays offer blue-light free operation and no flicker. This is not your typical ePaper display technology, but it will be interesting to watch. TCL announced two new tablets that will sport the new display technology, at 8-inch and 10-inch sizes. It is not clear but it is likely that the tablets will include some sort of front-lighting to be visible in low light conditions.

Interestingly last month TCL's CSoT announced a partnership with E Ink to produce 8.5-Gen TFT backplanes for E Ink displays.

Posted: Sep 05,2020 by Ron Mertens