Guangzou OED develops a graphene-based e-paper technology, to start making displays within a year

China-based e-paper developer Guangzou OED Technologies announced that it developed a new graphene e-paper technology. The company aims to start producing these new screens within a year.

Graphene is the world's strongest and most conductive (to both electricity and heat) material, and it is set to revolutionize many industries - including the display industry. The company says that the new graphene-based paper is brighter and more flexible. The graphene paper is also said to have "more intensity", but I'm not sure what this means.

It's not clear what the role of the graphene in this new screen is... but it's likely that the graphene is used as a conductor material in the display's touch panel. It is also possible that the display itself uses graphene electrodes, but this technology is far less mature.

Interestingly Guangzou OED said that it developed the new screen in collaboration with a "company in Chongqing. This city is the home of the world's largest graphene plant (owned by Ningo Morsh), and also to Chongqing Morsh Technology, who is producing single-layer graphene films (using graphene produced by Ningo) that are used to produce graphene-based touch panels. This may hint that indeed the new display uses a graphene touch panel.

Posted: May 01,2016 by Ron Mertens