Ynvisible and NXN launches new electrochromic ink colors for Ynvisible's displays

Ynvisible announced a new partnership with Electrochromic Polymers developer NxtGen Nano. The two companies will work together to incorporate NXN's color Electrochromic Polymers (ECP) inks in Ynvisible's systems and manufacturing services. This will enable Ynvisible to offer a new range of color displays.

Ynvisible NXN color printed electrochromics displays photo

The two companies announced that they already sold a prototype multi-color project to a Fortune 500 medical and diagnostics devices company. NXN and Ynvisible have earlier experience in working together and sold several commercial color electrochromic prototype devices to several premium consumer brand product companies.

Ynvisible is hosting a webinar series, titled "Making Things Alive with Printed Electronics". This webinar will be held on Thursday April 2, 2020 12:00 pm EST (9:00 am EDT) and will include talks from NXN, Georgia Tech, University of Lapland and Ynvisible.

Ynvisible - NXN Printed Electrochromics Webinar banner

Ynvisible also plans to host another two webinars and will announce dates and agendas soon.

Posted: Mar 27,2020 by Ron Mertens