Misc devices

New e-paper device:Dasung Link

Dasung's Link is a portable 6.7-inch 300 PPI E Ink display, that can pair with your smartphone to provide a 2nd display. There are three models: wireless iOS, wireless Android, and wired. The wireless versions come with a 5,000 mAh battery cover, while the wired versions has a lower power consumption and works with select Android models.

The Dasung Link will launch soon in China.

Read the full story Posted: Dec 12,2022

New e-paper device:Wyze Room Sensor

The Wyze Room Sensor is a Wi-Fi device, that connects to Wyze's Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat and senses the detects temperature, humidity, and motion. It feature a small E Ink display to show the information.

The Wyze Room Sensor costs $24.99, and must be connected to Wzye's Thermostat device.

Read the full story Posted: May 04,2022

New e-paper device:Ember Cube

Ember's Cube is a self-refrigerated cloud-based shipping box, aimed towards the transport of medicine across distances.

Ember Cube photo

The Cube tracks the temperature, humidity and location, and shares it through the cloud for tracking. The device has an E Ink screen to show the shipping and return address.

Read the full story Posted: Feb 01,2022

New e-paper device:Mudita Harmony

The Mudita Harmony is a "contemporary and minimalist" alarm clock, that features a 2.84-inch 480x600 (270 PPI) E Ink display with a soft (2300K) backlight. Other features include bedtime, meditation and power nap timers and a dedicated music library for relaxation and sleep.

Mudita Harmony photo

The Mudita Harmony are now open for pre-order, for $99, with shipments expected by February 2022.

Read the full story Posted: Oct 12,2021

New e-paper device:OneWave Smart Card

The OneWave universal connected smartcard, uses a small flexible E Ink display, developed by Plastic Logic.

Onewave  universal connected smartcard (with Plastic Logic E Ink)

The OneWave card has built-in user authentication (fingerprint sensor) that enhances cybersecurity, and the card enables remote purchasing of transit tickets, access to services, password authentication and also aims to process payments. The E Ink display can be configured with a dedicated smartphone app.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 16,2021

New e-paper device:Hisense Touch

The Hisense Touch is an Android-powered music player that features a 5.84-inch touch E Ink display. The HT also features 32-bit 384Khz audio and a dedicated D/A converter.

Hisense Touch photo

The Hisense Touch will soon ship in China for 1,599 CNY (~$250 USD).

Read the full story Posted: May 23,2021

New e-paper device:Qingping Cleargrass

Qingping's Cleargrass is a temperature & humidity sensor that uses a round E Ink display to show the temperature, humidity and connectivity status. The sensor supports Bluetooth and works with Apple HomeKit.

Qingping Cleargrass photo

The Cleargrass sensor is now shipping for 169 Yuan in China (around $25).

Read the full story Posted: Aug 07,2020

New e-paper device:Hisense Q5

The Hisense Q5 is an Android tablet that sports a 10.5" HD monochrome reflective-LCD display. Specification include an Octa-core Tiger T610 chipset, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, microSD slot and an HDMI port.

Hisense Q5 photo

The HiSense Q5 will start shipping in June 2020 for 2,299 Yuan (around $320 USD).

Read the full story Posted: Apr 27,2020