Ginnovation MaterCall

MaterCall is an innovating parking solution that uses NFC/QR and a small numeric e-Paper (E Ink) display to show driver phone numbers. The idea is that people can leave their phone number to the car owner via a simple application.

Ginnovation MaterCall photo

The MaterCall is launching for the Korean market, mostly targeting rental cars. It is available in 'card-type' or 'case type' which is a bit larger but more affordable.

Bluemint Labs Bixi 2.0

Bluemint Labs Bixi adds gesture control to gadgets such as smartphones and the 2nd-Gen Bixi 2.0 device, unveiled in early 2017, adds an E Ink display to the original design - to show notifications or information such as the time or weather.

Bixi 2.0 photo

The Bixi 1.0 costs $99. The 2nd Gen Bixi 2.0 will ship towards the end of 2017.

QuirkLogic Quilla

QuirkLogic's Quilla is a 42" smart whiteboard (the picture below shows three such whiteboards sude by side) that are based on touch-enabled E Ink displays. The system stores everything that you draw on the whiteboards. The displays are powered on batteries that can last for 16 hours on each charge.

QuirkLogic Quilla photo

QuirkLogic did not yet reveal the price or release plans of these smart whiteboards.

Pixer digital photo frame

Pixer is a cordless and wireless digital photo frame that uses a monochrome 6" 300 DPI E Ink Carta display. The image can be controlled via a mobile application that lets your friends share photos to your frame. The e-paper's low power consumption means that it can be used without a power cord.

Pixer digital photo frame photo

Pixer was developed in a joint project by Gigazone, Gigabyte and E Ink Holdings.


Terrada Music Score's Gvido is an E Ink sheet music device, that lets you see sheet music pages (PDFs) on two 13.3" flexible (Mobius) E Ink displays. The device also includes input via a stylus (Wacom). The device features Wi-Fi, bluetooth, 8GB of internal memory and micro SD slot. The whole device weighs only 650 grams.

Gvido photo

The Gvido was introduced in June 2016 and is scheduled for release by the end of 2017.

PopSlate 2

PopSlate's 2nd-gen iPhone case offers a 4.7" 800x450 E Ink display for the back of your phone. The case adds 4mm to your phone, and connects to the phone via a Lightning connector that also charges your phone from the PopSlate's battery. The PopSlate 2 supports iPhone 6, 6S, 6 plus and 6S Plus.

PopSlate 2 photo

PopSlate launched a crowdfunding campaign to finalize development and production, and they already surpassed their $75,000 target.

Sony Huis

Sony Huis is an E Ink universal remote control that started its way as a crowd-funded project. It uses an E Ink display and can be customized to control all devices using a desktop companion application. The remote lasts for a month between charges.

The Huis swill ship in march 2016 for ¥27,950 (about $245).

Nagra IntuiTV

Nagra's IntuiTV is a streaming TV box that combines live TV channels with streaming applications (such as Netflix). The box's remote control has a large low-power dynamic E Ink display with customized shortcuts and dynamic buttons.

IntuiTV remove photo

The IntuiTV will not be sold to consumers, but will be offered to cable, satellite and telco providers as a white-label device

Amazon Snowball

Amazon's Snowball is a secure storage appliance that can be used to send up to 50 TB of data directly to Amazon to upload to AWS servers. The Snowball has an E Ink shipping label that automatically sets itself to ship to the customer and, after the data is loaded, ship back to Amazon Web Services.

Amazon snowball photo

The snowball device will cost $200 per job.