Article last updated on: Nov 06, 2020

Electronic paper (or e-paper) is a collective name for display technologies that offer paper-like performance - high display clarity and sunlight readability, and all that with very low power consumption (usually ePaper displays do not require any power while the image is not changing).

ePaper displays are found in many devices (most people will associate ePaper displays with e-readers such as Amazon's Kindle). ePaper displays are slowly entering the consumer wearable market, mostly for smartwatches and fitness bands.

The latest wearables with ePaper displays

878 Project One

The 878 Project One is the smart sailing jacket that features a small flexible E Ink display produced by Plastic Logic. The display is connected to your boat's systems via bluetooth to show navigational and other kinds of information.

878 Project One photo

The jacket is made from graphene enhanced materials to enable high flexibility and weatherproofing while still being extremely lightweight.

Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR

Skagen's Jorn Hybrid HR is a smartwatch with an E Ink display, that features a battery life of over two weeks, a heart rate sensor, sleep tracking and notification support.

Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR photo

The Jorn Hybrid HR will ship by the end of January 2021 for $195.

Fossil Monroe

The Fossil Monroe is a hybrid manual / E Ink smartwatch that features an always on customizable display, activity and heart rate tracking and Fossil's own operation system.

Fossil Monroe and Charter Brown Leather HR watches

The Monroe is joined by other similar watches, like the Charter Brown Leather HR with a blue-background E Ink and the Neutra Brown Leather Hybrid HR with a green watch face.

SQFMI Watchy

SQFMI's is an open source (hardware and software) smartwatch that features a small 200x200 E Ink display and a low-power dual-core chipset (ESP32-S) - the watch should last for about 2 weeks on a single charge.

SQFMI Watchy photo

You can download all the documentation for Watchy on Github to produce your own device, or buy an assembled one for $55 (it will soon be available through SQFMI's web store).

Verily life Sciences study watch

The Study Watch by Verily Life Sciences (ex Google-X division) is a health-tracking smartwatch that features an always-on E Ink display, environmental and physiological sensors and long-lasting battery.

Verily life Sciences study watch image

The study watch will used in observational health studies - it will not be sold to consumers.

POP-I E Ink backpack

POP-I's E Ink backpacks use an E Ink panel on the back. You can customize the image via an application on your phone (iOS or Android). There are several backpacks available, with a display size of either 4.7" or 10" (HD). The bags themselves are made from either canvas or leather.

POP-I E Ink backpacks photo

POP-I said it was to ship those bags at the summer of 2017, for $99 to $399.

Sony FES Watch U

Sony's FES Watch U is the successor to the popular (in Japan) Sony FES watch. This is an E Ink watch that also has E Ink on the wrist-band, so you can change the design at will. There are 12 basic designs, but this is software based and will increase as Sony makes available an iOS companion application.

Sony FES Watch U photo

The FES Watch U started shipping in Japan for around $400 to $550 depending on the model. It seems no longer to be in production - although you can find a product page at and some watches are still available over at eBay.

iSport W194

iSport's W194 is a fitness tracker that sports a flexible E Ink display. The watch monitors steps, distance walked, speed, calories and also your sleep. It can connect to both iOS and Android devices.

iSport W194 photo

iSPort's E Ink watch started shipping in 2016 for $55. It is no longer available. You can find more info at