SQFMI Watchy

SQFMI's is an open source (hardware and software) smartwatch that features a small 200x200 E Ink display and a low-power dual-core chipset (ESP32-S) - the watch should last for about 2 weeks on a single charge.

SQFMI Watchy photo

You can download all the documentation for Watchy on Github to produce your own device, or buy an assembled one for $55 (it will soon be available through SQFMI's web store).

Verily life Sciences study watch

The Study Watch by Verily Life Sciences (ex Google-X division) is a health-tracking smartwatch that features an always-on E Ink display, environmental and physiological sensors and long-lasting battery.

Verily life Sciences study watch image

The study watch will used in observational health studies - it will not be sold to consumers.

POP-I E Ink backpack

POP-I's E Ink backpacks use an E Ink panel on the back. You can customize the image via an application on your phone (iOS or Android). There are several backpacks available, with a display size of either 4.7" or 10" (HD). The bags themselves are made from either canvas or leather.

POP-I E Ink backpacks photo

POP-I will ship those bags at the summer of 2017 for $99 to $399.

Sony FES Watch U

Sony's FES Watch U is the successor to the popular (in Japan) Sony FES watch. This is an E Ink watch that also has E Ink on the wrist-band, so you can change the design at will. There are 12 basic designs, but this is software based and will increase as Sony makes available an iOS companion application.

Sony FES Watch U photo

The FES Watch U is now shipping in Japan for 46,000 Yen (around $415) to 60,000 yen (around $550).

The Calendar Watch

The Calendar Watch is a simple smartwatch that uses an E Ink display below analog clock hands to show what parts of the day are busy. The watch is controlled by your smartphone - both the calendar display and the clock itself.

The Calendar Watch photo

The Calendar Watch is crowdfunded, will launch in September 2016 and will cost $480 for the baaseline-model.

Withings Go

The Withings Go is a small and light fitness tracker that can be worn as a wristband or clipped to a clothing, and it features a circular E Ink display. The Go monitors activity and sleep, is water resistant (50 meters) and can monitor swim strokes.

Withings Go photo

The Go will ship in Q1 2016 for $69.

Sony FES watch

Sony's FES is smart watch that can last for two month on a single charge - using an E Ink display that is wrapped around the entire watch body. The watch comes with 24 designs that can be selected at the press of a button.

The FES watch will go on sale in Japan towards the end of 2015 for $240, pre-orders are available on some department stores.

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