New e-paper device:Philips Tableaux

The Philips Tableaux is a digital poster based on a 25" ACeP E Ink color display. The signage display is based on Android 11 has 16GB of storage, and can be updated by USB, LAN or Wi-Fi connection, with content updates managed remotely or manually. 

Philips targets applications such as retail stores, art galleries, etc. The Tableaux is now available.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 19,2023

New e-paper device:MpicoSys PicoLabel

MpicoSys' PicoLabel is a no-battery signage display that includes a 2.7" 264x176 E Ink display updated via NFC. Target applications include Logistics (manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, Badges), authentication and door signage.

MpicoSys PicoLabel photo

Read the full story Posted: Oct 26,2017

New e-paper device:JOAN Premium

The JOAN Premium is a 13" meeting room scheduler based on Visionect's popular JOAN platform and its Place & Play technology. This is the largest JOAN assistant device, which presents a detailed overview of all the meetings scheduled to take place in the meeting room, conference hall or huddle room in that day.

JOAN Premium image

JOAN Premium is currently available in preorders, open until the end of October, for a discounted price.

Read the full story Posted: Oct 10,2017