Tianma to develop TFTs and modules for CLEARink color tablet e-paper displays

CLEARink announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with China-based display maker Tianma to establish a partnership framework for developing CLEARink’s patented ePaper 2.0 displays

Tiama will develop TFT backplanes and module assemblies for CLEARinks next-generation e-paper displays for tablets, IoT displays and other applications.

CLEARink also announced that its ePaper 2.0 technology has been trial manufactured and tested and the company will soon ship sample kits to select customers. The company's displays offer both color and video capabilities - while requiring low power and sunlight readability.

CLEAink told us that the prototype panels are 9.7-inch in size with a 227 DPI resolution. The panels support 24-30 fps video and feature a contrast ratio of 1:20 in monochrome and 1:16 in color (it supports up to 4,096 colors). The company's calculations say that a tablet with such a display will be able to offer 20 days of battery life, while running 5 hours of full videos each day.

CLEARink recently announced that Lenovo has become an investor in CLEARink, and the two companies will jointly-develop next-generation tablet devices based on CLEARink's displays.

We saw CLEARink's latest color e-paper displays at SID 2018 - including a 1.32" 202 PPI display that offered a color gamut of 30% NTSC (1931 CIE) that looked quite good for a reflective display. CLEARink also demonstrated a few of its older-generation monochrome and tablet displays. You can see these displays in the video above.

Posted: Feb 27,2019 by Ron Mertens