CLEARink says it has over $300 million in confirmed e-paper order commitments

CLEARink demonstrated their latest color e-paper displays at SID Displayweek 2019, and following is an interesting interview with the company's CEO Frank Christiaens and CMO (our good friend Sri Peruvemba):

CLEARink latest displays are 9.7" (227 PPI) and supports 4,096 colors. Frank says that CLEARink has over $300 million in confirmed commitments, mainly from the educational market. The company hopes to bring its first displays to the market by 2020.

In 2018 the company announced it has signed an agreement to sell at least $10 million worth of e-paper displays to Lenovo (which later invested in CLEARink).

CLEARink displays are based on a specially designed reflector film that can vary its brightness by by modulating the total internal reflection of ambient light from film. The display sues a single electrically charged particle suspended in a liquid. The technology is called TIR (Total Internal Reflection) and the company believes that its manufacturing costs will be lower compared to other reflective display technologies. According to CLEARink TIR displays offer full-color, low power (slightly above E Ink), outdoor readability, low cost and video support (low latency).

Posted: Jul 14,2019 by Ron Mertens