Lenovo invests in CLEARink, to jointly develop e-paper tablets

Color e-paper developer CLEARink announced that Lenovo has become an investor in CLEARink, and the two companies will jointly-develop next-generation tablet devices based on CLEARink's displays.

In 2018 CLEARink announced that it has signed a $10 million supply agreement with a leading tablet maker to start supplying tablet displays beginning in 2019. It is likely that this leading tablet maker is Lenovo, which has now became an investor in CLEARink as well.

CLEARink's displays are electrophoretic displays that achieve color using color filters on top of the display. The panels offer a fast refresh rate which supports video.

We saw CLEARink's latest color e-paper displays at SID 2018 - including a 1.32" 202 PPI display that offered a color gamut of 30% NTSC (1931 CIE) that looked quite good for a reflective display. CLEARink also demonstrated a few of its older-generation monochrome and tablet displays. You can see these displays in the video above.

Posted: Jan 17,2019 by Ron Mertens