October 2022

Huawei sold over 110,000 MatePad Paper devices in two months, sues Amazon over E Ink patents

According to reports, Huawei filed a lawsuit against Amazon and its hardware partner Compal Electronics, saying that Amazon's Kindle being produced in China infringe upon Huawei's E Ink patents.

It is revealed that Huawei sold over 110,000 units of its MatePad Paper device in just 2 months, surpassing Amazon's Kindle sales in the same period. Amazon announced plans to withdraw from the local market in China earlier this year.

Read the full story Posted: Oct 31,2022

McLaren tests E Ink ads in its racing cars

The McLaren F1 team have placed a small E Ink display on the cockpit of its racing car, as it aims to replace the current sticker-based advertising with something more dynamic and sophisticated.

The integrator is a company called Seamless Digital. This project will enable to rotate advertisers without removing stickers, and sell smaller ad packages (i.e. you can endorse just one 'lap') which may increase revenue.

Read the full story Posted: Oct 24,2022

California approves the use of digital license plates

Several years ago US-based Reviver Auto developed E Ink based car plates, called the RPlate pro, that can show customized messages when the car is parked, and also can update plates without delay. In 2018, several states in the US started testing the digital plates.

RPlate Pro - Arizona photo

Towards the end of September 2022, California issued a new law, AB 984, which makes E Ink displays a legal alternative to standard metal plates. There are some conditions to the use of the display. The only company that got approved to is indeed Reviver Auto.

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