ZED: Plastic Logic and SERELEC's new flexible E Ink digital signage solution

Plastic Logic and SERELC developed together a new low-power outdoor digital signage solution based on Plastic Logic's flexible plastic displays. Each ZED (Zero Energy Display) unit consists of two 10.7" monochrome flexible plastic displays.

Plastic Logic says that the two displays have been "seamlessly tiled together", although the photo they released shows otherwise. In any case, the final display acts like a single 15.4" diagonal (150 dpi) panel that weighs just 115 grams and is less than 1 cm in thickness.

As their name suggests, ZED units are low on power - and can be powered by a solar panel. The content can be updated wirelessly (3G) using the integrated connection. The two companies plan to start shipping ZED units in Q2 2013.

Initial applications will include signage for public transportation (electronic timetables at bus-stops and tram-stops as well as in underground stations) and large-area advertising, both indoors and out (mounted on the exterior of trams and buses, for example). In our E Ink persistency contest, several people suggested this great application for E Ink displays. 

Posted: Jan 29,2013 by Ron Mertens