Ynvisible ships 25,000 large-format ePaper digital displays to Italy's Fortech

Electrochromics display developer Ynvisible announced that it has mass produced and shipped 25,000 large-format digital signage displays for Fortech S.r.l., Italy's leading provider of bespoke solutions for the fuel retail sector.

Fortech uses these displays to show average fuel prices at gas stations, as part of its PriceLink solution. Fortech chose Ynvisible's innovative display solution as it is battery-operated for wireless convenience, lightweight for ease of installation, and durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions.


Beyond fuel price signage, Ynvisible is expanding into various applications, including city information signs, public transport displays, roadway signage, and signs for electric vehicle charging stations. 

Posted: Apr 28,2024 by Ron Mertens