Bus stop information display pioneer Papercast sees accelerated demand

Oct 16, 2016

A couple of months ago we reported about a new bus stop information display trail in Singapore’ that used color 31.2" E Ink displays with LED front light. The system design and integration was performed by Visionect, and the company behind the project is called Papercast.

Singapore public transport color E Ink display

Papercast, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia,  now announced that it is opening a new office in London to meet "growing demand across the European region". Papercast said it has experienced accelerated demand for its world-class digital passenger information solution in some of the world’s more forward thinking passenger transport markets, with deployments in Asia, Europe and the USA.

Visionect helps develop a solar-powered ePaper-based violence prevention system

Jul 15, 2016

Mexico-based PERO360 developed a new solar-powered E Ink kiosk called Community HUB, that help students in schools report violence cases anonymously and safely. A 12-month trial in Mexico saw rediced abusive behavior and helped the school implement new violence prevention politics. Community HUB won the World Summit Aware for Inclusion and Empowerment.

Community HUB photo

The Community HUB uses Visionect's E Ink system. The developers say e-paper is the best fit for this kind of application due to the low power consumption and the outdoor visibility.

E Ink installs a prototype 32" E Ink display in Boston's city hall

Jul 07, 2016

In June 2014 (exactly two years ago), E Ink and GDS announced the world's largest e-paper module, a 32" 2560x1440 display that targets digital signage and information kiosk applications.

A few days ago, E Ink and GDS installed a prototype 32" solar-powered E Ink display on Boston's City Hall Plaza. The sign will provide information on local events and help residents and visitors locate nearby landmarks

Visionect discusses digital signage e-paper deployment issues

May 06, 2016

E Ink developer and integrator Visionect published a new article in which the company analyses all the intricacies of deploying electronic paper in different digital signage scenarios.

Visionect 32'' E Ink dev kit photo

The article discusses the need of a new kind of signage, the power efficiency and readability of e-paper, and the challenges in deploying e-paper signage solutions. This is a very comprehensive report, and is a good read for anyone interested in signage and in e-paper. Read it here.

Visionect launches an E Ink meeting room digital sign

Jan 12, 2016

Visionect introduces a new meeting room digital door label called Joan Meeting Room Assistant that uses an E Ink panel to provide scheduling solutions. Joan can connect to several standard calendars wirelessly and runs off its battery for up to three months between charges.

Visionect Joan meeting room E Ink manager photo

The Joan uses a 6" E Ink Pearl panel (used by many e-readers). More information can be found here.

E Ink launches a new Spectra Yellow ePaper display

Jun 02, 2015

Two years ago, E Ink announced the Spectra e-paper panels that feature three pigments - black, white and red. Today the company announced an expansion of that product line to include the Spectra Yellow, which can show black, white or yellow colors.

The Spectra panels are aimed for electronic shelf label (ESL) retail applications. E Ink says that red and yellow are two of the most widely used colors relevant to in-store displays and signage. Spectra panels support both active-matrix and segmented format displays.