The OLED Handbook, 2019 edition

We are happy to announce the eighth edition of The OLED Handbook, the most comprehensive resource on OLED technology, industry and market - now updated for 2019. The OLED industry grows and changes very fast, and the new edition include new details on the OLED mobile display market, new production fabs in China, OLED TVs, flexible OLEDs and more.

Reading this book, you'll learn all about:

  • OLED technology and materials and production processes
  • How OLEDs compare to LCD displays
  • OLED TVs, flexible, foldable and transparent OLEDs
  • The OLED lighting industry
  • The future of OLED displays and the challenges ahead

The book also provides:

  • A history of OLED development
  • A guide to OLED investment
  • A comprehensive list of OLED companies
  • A list of existing and planned AMOLED fabs
  • An introduction to quantum dots, micro-LEDs and e-paper displays

The OLED handbook has been read by hundreds of display engineers, business developers, researchers, equipment vendors, OLED material companies, private investors and others who wished to learn more about OLEDs today and in the future. I truly believe that it is the best introduction to OLED displays and lighting!

Introduction to OLEDs video

OLED displays are currently the most advanced displays in production, offering superior image quality, efficiency, flexibility and more. Here's our new short video that introduces OLED display technology and the current market status:

E Ink Holdings reports lower revenues and a loss in Q1 2016

E Ink Holdings reported its financial results for Q1 2016 - revenues were  NT$2.5 billion ($76.6 million USD) and the net loss was NT$272 million ($3.84 USD) - down from a net profit of NT$766 in Q4 2015 (but up from a loss of $1.23 billion in Q1 2015).

EIH says that its licensing revenues from Hydis FFS LCD technology is lower than it used to be because the display industry is shifting from LCD to OLED technologies.

Graphene for the display and lighting industries

Our sister sites OLED-Info and Graphene-Info announced a new market report, Graphene for the Display and Lighting industries. This report, brought to you by the world's leading OLED and Graphene experts, is a comprehensive guide to the applications of graphene in these two important markets.

Graphene is an exciting material that promises to revolutionize entire industries - as it provides unprecedented conductivity, heat conduction, flexibility and strength. Graphene has a bright future in the display and lighting industries.

Reading this report, you'll learn all about:

  • Graphene applications in LED and OLED lighting
  • Graphene's adoption as a backplane for AMOLEDs
  • Transparent graphene electrodes
  • Graphene-based encapsulation development

Other topics include:

  • Graphene companies involved with display and lighting
  • An introduction to graphene
  • An introduction to lighting and displays
  • Details about graphene for QDs, lasers and thermal foils

Polyera's Special Projects VP explains the company's OTFT backplane technology and business

In August 2015 Polyera, a US-based OTFT backplane developer, announced their first product, the Wove Band flexible E Ink smart band, to be released in the second half of 2016. We wanted to learn more about Polyera's technology and business, and the company's Special Projects VP, Brendan Florez, was kind enough to answer a few questions we had.

Brendan has been with Polyera since 2008. Prior to joining Polyera, Brendan was an early employee at Rosetta, a digital marketing agency. Brendan holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University.

Plastic Logic spins-off its technology arm, to focus on E Ink development and production

Plastic Logic, the OTFT backplane developer and EPD producer has split into two companies. Plastic Logic will remain as an EPD developer and producer (based in Dresden, Germany) while FlexEnable (based in Cambridge, UK) will handle the OTFT backplane development and offer technology licenses to display makers.

Plastic Logic 4'' flexible OTFT AMOLED prototype photo

Here's an article from OLED-Info explaining Plastic Logic's technology. In September 2014 Plastic Logic demonstrated the world's first display based on a graphene backplane (a 150-PPI active-matrix E Ink panel).

Sri Peruvemba, E Ink's CMO leaves the company, will be Cambrios' CMO

A couple of weeks ago we reported that Scott Liu (E Ink Holidings' Chairman and CEO) resigned from the company due to personal reasons, and today we're sad to report that Sriram Peruvemba, E Ink's marketing chief is also leaving. Sriram has been with E Ink since 2007, and will go to work for Cambrios as their CMO. Cambrios makes transparent conductors using silver nano wires - and these can be used for in OLED displays , LCDs, e-paper displays and solar panels.

On a personal note I want to wish Sriram all the best. He's always been friendly and helpful for me here at E-Ink-Info and I'll surely miss him at E Ink. I hope the company will find someone capable and nice enough to take his place...

Lux compares display developers, E Ink comes on top

Lux Research posted an interesting grid that shows how different display developers rate on technical value and business execution. It includes mature technologies like OLED and electrophoretic and emerging technologies such as electrochromic and electrofluidic displays.

Lux display companies grid

E Ink comes up on top in both technical value and business execution is E Ink - with high score in technology and IP and strong partnerships and management team. In face, E Ink is the only company that scores a "strong positive" - with their nearly 100% market share of the electrophoretic market - which is used in products such as Amazon's Kindle and B&N Nook e-readers.

OLED-Info is giving away 2 phosphor E Ink watches...

Update: The giveaway rules have changed a bit - in addition to liking the OLED-Info page, you'll need to like the giveaway post on facebook as well... The random winner will be chosen from all the people who like the post and are an OLED-Info fan as well. Good luck!

Our sister-site OLED-Info is running an holiday giveaway - with a chance to win a free copy of The OLED Handbook, and two phosphor world-time E Ink watches (which were kindly provided by E Ink). These three cool prizes will be randomly given to three lucky fans of OLED-Info's facebook page on January 1st. To participate, click like on the OLED-Info page, and also like the giveaway post.

Phosphor World Time E Ink watch photo

The Phosphor world-time E Ink watch has a SURF (segmented) E Ink display that offers 24 time zones and several displays modes. It's a large watch, and it takes some time to get used to, but it looks good and draws a lot of attention... Here's our hands review of this watch. This watch costs $125 at (although it's currently out-of-stock).

ynvisible ink kit - create your own electrochrommic printed displaysynvisible ink kit - create your own electrochrommic printed displays