The OLED Handbook - a guide to OLEDs

Our sister-site OLED-Info launched a new book today - The OLED Handbook. This is a comprehensive guide to OLED technology, market and industry. There is a growing interest in OLEDs - from all over the world, and this guide can help introduce the subject quickly and throughly.

Reading this book, you'll learn all about:

  • OLED technology and materials
  • What kind of OLED displays are available today
  • What is a Super AMOLED and a Clear Black display
  • All about OLED lighting technology
  • OLED lighting panels and lamps available today
  • The future of OLED displays and lighting
  • And lot's more!

Apple files a hybrid e-paper/LCD display patent

Apple filed a new patent application describing a new hybrid display that can dynamically switch between a full-color LCD (or OLED) to a low power monochrome e-paper. Actually, the screen can be operate in the two modes together - where some parts of the image is seen via the LCD/OLED and the rest via the e-paper. It seems that Apple recognizes the advantages of an e-paper display for actual reading...

The idea is to make a display that has "multiple composite display regions", each made from a transparent e-paper panel on top of an LCD/OLED. The display has several independently activated backlight units, illuminating the LCD panels when necessary (this won't be necessary in an OLED, obviously, as it does not require backlighting at all). On top of the whole device there's a touch layet, too.

A concept phone that uses an E Ink / OLED double display...

There's a new concept mobile phone called 'second-life' that uses a 'double-display' which is an OLED display on top of an E Ink display, and both are transparent. You can switch between the displays: so when power is low, you can use the E Ink to conserve battery. A nice touch is that if you're using the E Ink display, the degree of transparency of the display shows how much battery is remaining. The more transparent the display, the less battery remaining.

Second-Life OLED/E Ink phone concept photoWe're not sure if it's possible to create a transparent E Ink... but this concept design is nice in any case...

Nemoptic unveils an OLED coupled with a Bistable Nematic LCD display

There are reports that Nemoptic declared bankruptcy. That's a shame, they seemed to have very interesting technology. Hopefully someone will pick it up and continue development...

Nemoptic has developed the world's first display that combines a color OLED with a monochrome Bistable Nematic LCD (Binem). The idea is that you can choose whether you want to have an OLED displays, or a e-paper like display, depending on the application and lighting condition (this somewhat reminds us of Pixel-Qi displays).

Will Apple's new gadget be an e-reader?

Apple are working on a tablet computer - this rumor has been around for ages. Now there are new rumors that the new gadget will primarily be an e-reader. Obviously that might shake up the whole e-reader market...

It'll be interesting to see what kind of display will the new device have. The best display for e-readers is e-paper (currently almost all e-readers use E Ink displays). There were rumors that Apple will use OLEDs in their new tablet. We'll have to wait and see...

Apple to launch a new tablet / book-reader with an OLED display?

Smarthouse reports that Apple will soon launch a new tablet with a 10.6" display, made by LG Display. It will either be an OLED, or a LED-based LCD. The new tablet will double as an e-reader, competing with Amazon's new Kindle DX).

This is interesting. E Ink displays are much more suited for books than LCDs (more efficient, readable in the sun, and easy on the eye) - but a general table has much more usages, and also color, of course. What will people prefer?