Seiko Epson and E-Ink have developed a new display controller IC for color EPD, the S1D13524. While the color E Ink displays themselves aren't ready yet, it's great to hear that at least a controller will be available soon.

Epson E Ink S1D13524 photoEpson E Ink S1D13524 photo

The S1D13524 is a high-performance EPD controller with a built-in color processor for E Ink's VizplexM-enabled electronic color paper displays. The controller has a built-in dither function to minimize host overhead, and can be connected to any host processor through a 16-bit parallel or TFT LCD bus, they said.

Samples of the Epson S1D13524 will be available in June at US$24. Production quantities will be available in December 2010.

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