Bridgestone will being to make ePaper displays. They will give more details in a few weeks. The company develops their own ePaper, using "electron powder and granular material."

Bridgetstone Pen Input ePaper prototypeBridgetstone Pen Input ePaper prototype

The Bridgestone e-paper is suited for e-readers,it is A4 in size, and has a fast refresh rate - 0.8 seconds to refresh. This makes it possible to do pen-input touch ePaper devices.

The faster screen refresh speed was realized by changing the driving method, not by improving the e-paper material. Specifically, the pattern of applying voltage was optimized to "reduce waste," Bridgestone said.

The company will also offer a colored version of the e-paper by combining the black-and-white e-paper with an RGBW-type color filter based on a glass substrate.

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