Visionect launches a DIY E-paper platform

Visionect, based in Slovenia, launched a new DIY e-paper platform that enables anyone to prototype an idea and develop an e-paper based product within days.

Visionect's system uses standard web technologies (HTML, CSS and Javascript) to create functional products on an e-paper device. Existing web applications can be easily converted - with a click of a button.

The company's devices use a 6" E Ink touch panel, Wi-Fi connectivity and is water tight and very robust. A basic development kit package costs €239 ($320). There's also an enterprise edition with professional support and a larger edition with a 9.7" display.

Visionect lists E Ink, Epson, Plastic Logic and ST as key partners, and they say they delivered solutions to several enterprise and professional clients such as Sony and Samsung.

Posted: Feb 02,2014 by Ron Mertens