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Hisense to ship a color E Ink smartphone later in 2020

Hisense demonstrated a smartphone prototype with a color E Ink display, developed in cooperation with E Ink Corporation. The display supports 4,096 colors and Hisense says it optimized the display for applications such as web browsing, wechat, and more.

Hisense color E Ink phone prototype photo

Hisense says it will ship this phone in the middle of 2020.

Read the full story Posted: Jan 12,2020

E Ink iPhone case makers PopSlate goes bankcrupt

E Ink iPhone case developer PopSlate announced that the company has entered into the legal process for dissolution of the company, and current customers that ordered its PopSlate 2 case will not get their products or be issued a refund

In early 2016 PopSlate raised $1.1 million in a crowd funding campaign to develop the PopSlate 2 - which was supposed to offer a 4.7" 800x450 E Ink display for the back of your phone.

Read the full story Posted: Mar 19,2017

Samsung patents a mobile phone cover with an E Ink display

Samsung filed a patent in Korea for a mobile phone cover that includes an E Ink display to show notifications. Some covers include a transparent part (or just a hole) through which you can see the display - and if it's an OLED, it makes sense because this uses very little power (only lit pixels draw power in an OLED display).

Samsung E Ink phone cover patent photo

This is just a patent application for now, but it will be interesting if Samsung actually produced such an accessory for one of its future or present smartphones.

Read the full story Posted: Jan 23,2017

Rumors say Apple is considering a secondary E Ink display in future iPhones

A report by the Taiwanese the Economic Daily News suggests that Apple requested display samples from E Ink Holdings, as the iPhone maker is considering adding a secondary E Ink panel to future devices.

Siswood dual-screen phone

Even if this report is true, this is still a very early stage and can even indicate a testing request and nothing more. E Ink did not confirm the reports, of course, saying that "We are aggressively exploring business opportunities to use our e-paper displays as secondary screens on mobile phones". Stocks in E Ink Holdings soared to an almost four-year high following this report, though. 

Read the full story Posted: Sep 28,2016

E Ink and Vanzo developed a dual-screen mobile phone reference platform

E Ink Holdings announced that it collaborated with Vanzo Technology to develop a dual-screen mobile phone turnkey solution. The system is based on the MediaTek (MTK) platform and combines E Ink e Paper technology with Vanzo’s software and APP.

E Ink says that this new solution will enable mobile phone makers to shorten product development time and investment for dual screen devices.

Read the full story Posted: Apr 30,2016