E Ink iPhone case developer PopSlate announced that the company has entered into the legal process for dissolution of the company, and current customers that ordered its PopSlate 2 case will not get their products or be issued a refund

PopSlate 2 photo

In early 2016 PopSlate raised $1.1 million in a crowd funding campaign to develop the PopSlate 2 - which was supposed to offer a 4.7" 800x450 E Ink display for the back of your phone.

It turns out that PopSlate was not able to adhere to Apple's requirements that the device will support both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. In addition, the prototype devicefailed to meet Apple’s certification testing, because the device diminished the phone’s ability to send and receive RF transmissions. PopSlate discovered the problem - the case is made of plastic and glass fibers, which messed with the phone’s ability to pick up signals.

PopSlate does not have enough cash to update its design, and it didn't manage to raise the required funds.



PopSLATE repeats defeats of others

Sad to see popSLATE repeat same defeat of several display colleagues in companies bankrupt due to under funding and over promising beyond niche and raison d'etre in multi-disciplined field of displays "race to the bottom" $1/in^2 while cpu therein gets $1B/acre=$25/cm^2.
JJ Stapleton, Staplevision LLC, fmr SID MAC Chair