Saule Technologies launches perovskite solar based ESL technology

Poland-based perovskite solar developer Sulate Technologies launched a new technology that integrates perovskite solar panels with ePaper Electronic Shelf Labels. The company says that these are the first ESLs of its kind, and they use either 2-color or 3-color E Ink panels.

PESL by Saule Technologies image

Perovskite solar panels are highly efficient, and can maintain their high efficiency in artificial light, and also in indirect indoor lighting, which makes this solution viable in many installation environments, unlike conventional solar-based solar panels. The perovskite panels are also highly flexible, light and thin.

The company will offer not only its PESL labels, but also complete, integrated IT and hardware systems, using data relays that support PESL labels and cloud computing and analytical capabilities. Saule Technologies offers PESL labels in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes (from 1.54 ” to 12.5 ”).

Posted: Nov 26,2021 by Ron Mertens