Pixel-Qi started to offer DYI displays, sold out in 2 days

Pixel-Qi has started to offer 10.1" DYI displays a couple of days ago. They are available here, for $275, but are already sold-out. Hopefully they'll have more by next week.

These screens replace those found in the Samsung N130 & Lenovo S10-2. Although they do work in other models, the only guaranteed compatibility is on those 2 specific netbooks.

Changing the screen of your netbook is easy, the process takes about 5-10 minutes using a small screwdriver. It’s simple: 2-4 screws have to be removed to allow unsnapping of the front plastic bezel. Once that step is done, removal of another few screws allows the screen to be unlatched and its cable disconnected. Next, the Pixel Qi screen is plugged in, screwed in, and the bezel snapped back in place. That’s it.

Posted: Jul 02,2010 by Ron Mertens