Pixel Qi closes down, its IP may find an owner though (Updated)

Update: turns out that Pixel Qi still exists, it's products are still being made by some makers (including CPT), and it's IP actually has been released to the public (under the DPL license). Read more here.

Back in 2010, Pixel Qi started producing its interesting dual-mode displays. This technology was promising as it allowed you to have a regular LCD display that can be switched to a black-and-white sunlight-readable power-efficient mode. Pixel Qi never managed to sell a lot of displays or find any serious device partner.

The company is now out of business. US-based Tripuso Display Solutions still produces Pixel-Qi displays under license, and may end up buying Pixel Qi's IP. In any case this is a sad end to an innovative technology that managed to attract an investment from 3M back in 2011.

Posted: Jan 14,2015 by Ron Mertens