Philips claim to develop a new ePaper technology, that can create color images that are about three times brighter than displays using color filters (like LCDs) - the closest an ePaper tech has ever got to printed paper, according to Philips.

Philips color ePaper prototypePhilips color ePaper prototype

Philips Research's approach involves turning the traditional electronic-paper pixel quite literally on its side, in order to tune it to different shades of the spectrum. The technique, which is called in-plane electrophoretics, involves suspending colored particles in a clear liquid and moving them horizontally instead of vertically. Each pixel is made up of two microcapsule chambers: one containing yellow and cyan particles, the other, below, containing magenta and black particles. Within each microcapsule, one set of colored particles is charged positively while the other is charged negatively.

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