The GEAK Watch II has an LCD display on top of an E Ink display, to ship in January 2015

China-based GEAK launched a new watch called the GEAK Watch II, that uses two round displays - an LCD and an E Ink panel, on on top of the other. The transparent LCD sits on top of the E Ink. This enables a very efficient battery life - and GEAK says the battery will last for a week with light use or 3-4 days with "moderate" use.

Both displays are 1.36" in diameter (320x320 resolution, 254 PPI, apparently on both the E Ink and the LCD). The watch connects to your phone via Bluetooth and also includes several trackers (heart rate, air quality, step counter and more).

The GEAK Watch II was successfully crowd-funded on Pozible - and can be pre-ordered for $360. The campaign is still on actually, currently they raised almost $140,000 (the initial request was only $16,355) - with over 30 days to go. The phone will ship in January 2015.

Posted: Nov 09,2014 by Ron Mertens