AUO licenses e-paper and nano-display technologies from CopyTele

CopyTele announced it has signed two license agreements with AUO to produce and market their e-paper and nano-display (LVND) technologies. AUO's e-paper license is exclusive and they can also sublicense the technology to third parties. The nano-display patents license is non exclusive.

AUO will pay $10 million to CopyTele for those license. There are also royalty payments by AUO. CopyTele's e-paper technology is electrophoretic based and utilizes specially coated particles in combination with a unique type of pixel structure to create an image.

The LVND electron emission technology incorporates a new type of low voltage color phosphors in combination with nano materials and an electron emission system utilizing nano materials to produce color video information. CopyTele's Nano Display is applicable to small hand-held and larger size applications including TV's.

Posted: Jun 06,2011 by Ron Mertens