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New e-paper device:TCL 40 NXTPAPER

The TCL 40 NXTPAPER smartphone sports TCL's NCVM reflective LC display. The phone comes in two models: the standard is based on a 6.78” FHD+ panel while the 5G model has a smaller 6.6" HD+ display. Other features include a 32MP selfie camera, triple camera system, 8 GB of RAM (6GB in the 5G model) and 256 GB of storage.

The 49 NXTPAPER display has received a reflection-free TÜV certification, and it offers anti-glare functionality achieved by "producing a paper-like matte effect texture". The display is covered by a fingerprint smudge-resistant material, to make reading more comfortable.

Read the full story Posted: Sep 01,2023

A new transportation project in Bali to adopt Papercast' 23-inch solar-powered E Ink signage displays

Papercast LTD announced that it is partnering with Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) in a transformative public transportation project in Bali, Indonesia. TMF leads this initiative, that aims to address critical urban mobility challenges, including congestion, parking availability, public transport utilisation and air pollution.

The project has two core components: Dynamic Bus Schedule Displays and Smart xEV Park and Ride solution (which includes a deployment of an app-powered fixed route shuttle service).  The first component will include Papercast's 23” outdoor solar-powered e-paper displays that will be strategically installed at bus stops to show real-time bus arrival information, route details, marketing content and other essential updates, in both Indonesian and English.

Read the full story Posted: Aug 30,2023

Sharp expands its ePoster lineup with color 13.3" and 25.3" displays

Earlier this year, E Ink announced a partnership with Sharp to bring ePaper posters to the market. Sharp and EIH has been collaborating for three years, and this is the first commercial step in that collaboration. Sharp released the first 42" monochrome E Ink displays (or e-posters as they call them) in the Japanese market in April 2023.

The two companies now announced that Sharp is also introducing color ePoster displays - the company will release 13.3" and 25.3" models in September and October 2023. 

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New e-paper device:Dasung Paperlike Color

Dasung's first color monitor, the Paperlike Color, offers a 25.3-inch Kaleido 3 Color E-ink Screen, 3K resolution, 4096 colors and the company's Dasung X-Color Filter technology that enhances color contrast, brightness, text clarity, and dynamic color effects.

The Paperlike Color is offered in two versions, flat and curved (with a 4000R curvature).


The Paperlike Color will launch soon in a crowdfunding campaign at IndieGogo.


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E Ink announces the first deployment of its Kaleido 3 Outdoor signage

E Ink announced that Mercury Innovation deployed its E Ink Kaleido 3 Outdoor displays as smart transit signage, in Sydney, Australia. This is the world's first installation of E Ink's new outdoor displays.

The project features twelve signs that are equipped with solar-power 13.3" color E Ink panels, enabling a zero-emission digital display that optimizes curbside management for the greater Sydney community.

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New e-paper device:Philips Tableaux

The Philips Tableaux is a digital poster based on a 25" ACeP E Ink color display. The signage display is based on Android 11 has 16GB of storage, and can be updated by USB, LAN or Wi-Fi connection, with content updates managed remotely or manually. 

Philips targets applications such as retail stores, art galleries, etc. The Tableaux is now available.

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E Ink and MediaTek to strenghten their collaboration on e-reader system chips

E Ink announced that it will strengthen its partnership with MediaTek to jointly develop system chips for e-reader devices. The two companies will also offer "new business prospects" for Taiwanese manufacturers in the global e-reader market.

MeditaTek has a product line of tablet chipsets, which includes chips for e-readers. The company says that those chips, equipped with high-performance CPU processors and integrated Wi-Fi, are developed using advanced manufacturing processes to create highly efficient chips. These chips support a range of E Ink display technologies from E Ink, including E Ink Carta, E Ink Kaleido, and E Ink Gallery.

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Walmart to install 60 million E Ink shelf labels at 500 stores in the US

E Ink Holdings says that Walmart has decdied to deploy electronic shelf labels at 500 stores in the US. The first stage will call for the installation of 60 million panels, in the next 12-18 months, and will be handled by E Ink's partner, SES-imagotag.

Four color E Ink Spectra 3100 labels photo

E Ink sees growing demand for its displays, and is planning a multi-year capacity expansion plan. The company expects its revenues next year to increase sharply following Walmart's orders, and it also expects a modest increase in 2023. 


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