Laundry greentech developer Mimbly adopts Ynvisible segmented flexible ePaper displays

Electrochromics display developer Ynvisible announced that its displays were chosen by Mimbly, a GreenTech laundry solutions startup. Mimbly will adopt Ynvisible's flexible segmented ePaper displays in its Mibox, a solution that connects to washing machines to recycle water, save energy and capture microplastics.

Mimbly says it chose Ynvisible's displays as these are highly energy-efficient and sustainable, and in addition it offered high freedom of design. The Mimbox display communicates water savings to the users and instruct in the product's use. Ynvisible provided prototyping services to Mimbly, and is now ready to deliver industrial-scale production as Mimbly is rolling out the Mimbox to 22 of the Nordic region's largest property owners (hotels, laundries, cleaning companies, etc) as part of a pilot program to show how the solution works.

E Ink participates in SigmaSense' $22 million funding round

Touch screen technology developer SigmaSense announced the closing of a $22 million Series A funding round, led by Foxconn. One of the investors in this round is E Ink Holdings.

SigmaSense develops semiconductor and software solutions for a new generation of high-fidelity sensing data enabling new human-machine interactions - from in-person touchless order kiosks for the hospitality industry to home entertainment, including reimagined interactive at-home learning and work spaces.

New e-paper device: Onyx BOOX Note Air

Onyx BOOX Note Air is an Android (v10) e-notebook that features a 10.3" 1872x1404 (227 PPI) E Ink Carta display, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and an Octa-core chipset.

Onyx BOOX Note Air photo

The Onyx BOOX Note Air is priced at $480 and will ship soon.

New e-paper device: Onyx BOOX Max Lumi

The Onyx BOOX Max Lumi is an Android 10 e-Notebook or tablet that sports a 13.3-inch 2200x1650 (207 PPI) E Ink Carta display, an octa-core chipset, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and a Wacom digitizer.

Onyx BOOX Max Lumi photo

The Onyx BOOX Max Lumi is priced at $880 and will ship soon.

Digital View launches a new interface board for 32" and 42" E Ink panels

US-based Digital View launched a new interface board that is suitable for E Ink's 32" and 42" monochrome ePaper displays.

Digital View ET-1000 E Ink interface board photo

The new ET-1000 interface board features a USB interface for image content update and can work with most types of media player such as a Raspberry Pi, Android Player or PC. It supports Image flip, mirror and rotate. The ET-1000 comes as a kit with a connector board and cables to connect to the display panel.

TCL announces a new reflective LC display technology called NXTPAPER

TCL announced a new display technology, called NXTPAPER, which uses liquid-crystal technology on a reflective substrate, as can be seen in the image below. TCL did not disclose much about the technology, but it says it offers higher contrast compared to E Ink displays. Compared to LCDs, it offers a thinner design and also much higher power efficiency (as there's no backlighting unit).

TCL NXRPaper technology explained

The NXTPAPER displays offer blue-light free operation and no flicker. This is not your typical ePaper display technology, but it will be interesting to watch. TCL announced two new tablets that will sport the new display technology, at 8-inch and 10-inch sizes. It is not clear but it is likely that the tablets will include some sort of front-lighting to be visible in low light conditions.

New e-paper device: Dasung Not-eReader 103

Dasung's Not-eReader 103 is a smart E Ink tablet that features a 10.3" 228 PPI 1872x1404 E Ink display, Android 9.0 OS, 4G of storage, a TF card slot and a fast Snapdragon 660 chipset. It supports both hand and pen touch.

Beyond its capacity as a tablet and e-reader, the Not-eReader can be used to connect to a PC or smartphone and mirror it as a mobile monitor.

ynvisible ink kit - create your own electrochrommic printed displaysynvisible ink kit - create your own electrochrommic printed displays