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Sony to update its DPT-CP1 10.3" color eNotebook

In 2019 Sony released the DPT-CP1 color Digital Paper A5 device, and now the company is set to release a new version, called (at least for now) the DPT-CP1 Version 2.

Sony DPT-CP1 Version 2 photo

The main new feature uses E Ink's upgraded color display (Kaleido 2.5), which features a thinner gap between the display and the color filters which enables the improved performance. The new display features a 1404x1872 resolution and faster refresh.

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EIH and Sony's Linfiny JV to commence operation soon, to focus on e-paper notebook products

In April 2017, E Ink Holdings and Sony Semiconductor Solutions announced a joint venture with an aim to develop, manufacture and market products that use e-paper displays. E Ink now reveals that the JV, called Linfiny, will officially commence operations towards the end of 2017.

Linfiny will focus, at least initially, on e-paper notebook products. Linfiny was setup with an initial capital of $13.9 million. Sony and EIH together hold 70% with the rest of the investment coming from venture capital funds. Linfiny aims to develop solutions that will shorten the time-to-market for its clients - it will not produce its own devices.

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Onyx reportedly developing a consumer 13.3" E Ink e-reader

According to reports, Onyx is developing a 13.3" Android (4.4.4) e-reader for the consumer market, and hopefully it will cost less than Sony's 13.3" Digital Paper device which costs over $1,000. The reported target price is $750 - which makes it cheaper than Sony's reader, but still out of reach of most consumers.

Sony 13.3-inch Digital Paper

According to the Good eReader, Onyx's reader will use the same 1200x1600 13.3" E Ink Mobius panel as used in Sony's reader (and Dasung's Paperlike monitors). They report that this display uses a plastic TFT - which, if true, probably means it is made by Plastic Logic.

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Sony to bring its 13.3" Mobius Touch E Ink Digital Paper to the US

Sony is launching its 13.3" Digital Paper device to the US. This device, intended for the legal, educational and business environments will cost $1,100. Sony's device displays PDF documents and can accept handwriting input.

Sony 13.3-inch Digital Paper

The Digital Paper uses E Ink's plastic-based 1200x1600 13.3" Mobius flexible panel that use Sony's own flexible TFT technology. Other features include 4GB of internal storage, microSD slot, Wi-Fi and PDF support (no other formats will be supported!). The DPT-S1 is 6.8 mm thick and it weighs just 358 grams.

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Research Frontiers says E Ink, Sony, Amazon and B&N infringe upon their SPD technology patents

One three days ago we reported that CopyTele's lawsuit against E Ink was dismissed (although they do have to participate in the CopyTele vs AUO arbitration meetings) - and today a new lawsuit was charged against E Ink, Amazon, B&N and Sony, this time by Research Frontiers.

Research Frontiers developed a technology called SPD, a smart light-control technology. They say that E Ink and the other companies infringed upon two of their patents. Research Frontiers say they have invested about $90 million dollar in decades of research to develop the SPD technology. Over 40 companies around the world entered into a license agreement with them.

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Mobius: Sony's new plastic-based flexible E Ink display and educational tablet prototype

Update: We added a nice video of Sony' prototype device below

E Ink and Sony have co-developed a new plastic-based flexible E Ink display called Mobius. The Mobius panel uses Sony's flexible TFT technology, and will be produced by E Ink. Mass production of 13.3" 1200x1600 panels will begin in 2013. Those 13.3" panels will weigh only 60 grams - less than 50% of the weight of glass based panels, and will be much more rugged as there's no glass.

Sony unveiled a prototype tablet that uses those displays - aimed for the educational market. The A4 sized tablet (13.3") features a touchdisplay with stylus input, 4GB of memory (with microSD) and Wi-Fi. The whole device is just 6.8 mm thick and weighs just 385 grams. Sony hopes to start trials in three Japanese Universities later in 2013 and will hopefully launch it during the company's 2013 fiscal year (i.e. by March 2014).

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Freescale announces new fast & cheap e-reader processor

Freescale announced today a new processor called i.MX508 targeted for e-readers. The processor is based on an ARM A8 core and includes an E Ink controller. Freescale says that the chip is fast (800Mhz), efficient and cheap (less than $10 in large volumes). In fact they say that this chip can enable $150 e-readers.

The new chip is faster than Freescale's previous e-reader chips (used in the Amazon Kindle and Sony's Readers, for example) which can result in faster page refresh and can enable new features. As the chip includes an E Ink controller, USB and NAND memory it can help reduce the price of the final product.

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AUO: we'll have cheaper e-paper displays soon

AUO says that its e-paper displays will be better, and much cheaper than available today, using its large-size production capabilities. In fact, they expect e-book readers prices to fall in half within two years - and they see a 100$ reader by 2011.

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