E Ink partners with six display makers to increase production capacity of its latest ACeP color ePaper displays

E Ink announced that it is seeing increased demand for color ePaper displays, and it is working with six module production partners to promote its color (ACeP) displays and to increase production capacities of its Gallery Palette and Gallery plus panels.

ACeP color E Ink at SID 2016

The six partners are BOE Technology, DKE, Jiangxi Xing Tai Technology, Innolux Corporation, Qingyue Technology, and Yes Optoelectronics. E Ink supplies the color ePaper frontplane materials while the module makers manufacture the color ePaper modules in various sizes and shapes.

E Ink Gallery and Gallery Plus are reflective color ePaper displays that use the company's latest ACeP technology. The Gallery Plus displays offer a full-color gamut with eight primary colors that are achieved through a four particle ink system with cyan, magenta, yellow, and white. E Ink Gallery Palette is also based on ACeP technology, and was developed to support the seven most commonly used colors in retail signage, including black, white, red, yellow, blue, green, and orange to achieve a low cost color solution. E Ink Gallery Palette is ideal for ePaper applications requiring a limited color display and low power consumption and is suitable for signage in retail, education, offices, transportation, healthcare, and logistics.

Posted: Apr 13,2022 by Ron Mertens