E Ink announces its latest color display, the Kaleido Plus

E Ink Holdings officially launched its new color ePaper display, the E Ink Kaleido Plus. The new display technology enables 16-levels of grayscale and 4,096 colors. The new display offers sizes up to 7.8-inch in size (larger than E Ink's first generation Kaleido displays).

E Ink explains that with the new Kaleido display, it has implemented an improved printed color filter array (CFA) technology, with an improved, faster and brighter ink player. These two improvements enable brighter colors with better text rendering.

PocketBook already announced its first Kaleido Plus e-reader, the PocketBook Color 740. Sony will likely also release its first device to adopt the new display soon, the DPT-CP2 Version 2 (although this features a large 10.3" display so we're not sure, it could be a different display).

Posted: Mar 10,2021 by Ron Mertens