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Dasung's Paperlike is a 13.3" E Ink monitor, aimed to be a secondary computer display for reading documents. The resolution is 1600 x 1200 (150 PPI) and is driven via USB.

Dasung Paperlike E Ink monitor photo

The PaperLike costs around $1,000 and are now shipping.

E Ink display info: 
13" 1600x1200 E Ink


This is a very nice idea, but can someone please explain why no one is using eink colour, I know the colour is not the best, but any colour on a screen is way way better than black & white.

15 years ago I was programming in C and C++ on large black and white Sony monitors.   They were sharp and crisp and very pleasing on the eyes.   Todays LCD monitors feel like searchlights shining directly into my eyes.  How I miss my Sonys.   I am seriously thinking about purchasing one of these digital ink readers and I think that I will be very happy with it.  The crispness of the Sonys was in part due to the one to one mapping of pixel to pixel.  Color screens have to map three (R,G,B) pixels to one rendered pixel, and the 3 to 1 mapping must cause loss of  clarity and sharpness.

Agreed. But e-paper displays are great for reading. Nowadays when nearly all documents are in electronic form, e-paper display gives your eyes a rest. I read magazines and books with e-reader (french Bookeen's product) and just love it. My eyes are not as good as they younger ant when I use monitor, I'll have to use glasses. With e-reader I do not need glasses even in the evening when my eyes are tired. An with the e-reader, if all else fails, I can always enlarge the font.

For normal business documentation e-paper is fine if it is text. Even colour pictures render quite fine in gray scales. Moving items are no-no as the refresh rates are quite poor on this technique. Seriously considering this for "work" display.

Dear all,

I ordered 5 pieces because I need it very quickly for my eye problems.

I paid them 800 USD each, I don’t want to earn money so I’ll resell at the same price… they are still inside the package.

Please contact me: