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Recent E-Paper News

E Ink invest in Wuxi Vision Peak, to collaborate on e-paper applications

Jan 28, 2016

E Ink announced announced an investment it made in Wuxi Vision Peak Technology (previously Wuxi Wei Feng Technology), a service provider in e-paper display R&D.

E Ink (which invested in Wuxi via its subsidiary Transcend Optronics) and Wuxi Vision Peak will form a strategic partnership and join foruces to expand the E Ink market and promote the use of e-paper in applciations such as electronic price tags and electronic shelf labels. Besides the investment, E Ink will provide technical support.

New e-paper device: Nagra IntuiTV

Nagra's IntuiTV is a streaming TV box that combines live TV channels with streaming applications (such as Netflix). The box's remote control has a large low-power dynamic E Ink display with customized shortcuts and dynamic buttons.

IntuiTV remove photo

The IntuiTV will not be sold to consumers, but will be offered to cable, satellite and telco providers as a white-label device