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Recent E-Paper News

E-Ink-Info gets a new server and responsive design

Oct 07, 2015

Today we moved E-Ink-Info to a new, faster server, and also launched a new new design - which is cleaner and is also mobile-friendly and should prove easier to read on smartphones.

E-Ink-Info new responsive design (2015)

We hope the new server and design will make E-Ink-Info faster, nicer and easier to read, we'll be happy to hear your thoughts and comments!

New e-paper device: Rimowa Electronic Tag

Rimowa's Electronic Tag is an E Ink (flexible Mobius) display that is used as a luggage electronic tag. It enables airline passengers to perform the luggage check in from their home, and is already integrated into Lufthansa's application. The tag includes Bluetooth and the tag displays the luggage details for the airline staff. The flexible panel is safe and durable.

Rimowa Electronic Tag photo

The Tag was developed by T-Systems, Airbus and Rimowa, and will be launched as a commercial product in early 2016 under the BAR2GO brand.

E Ink display info: 
Flexible Mobius E Ink panel

New e-paper device: Kobo Touch 2.0

Kobo's Touch 2.0 is an entry-level E Ink reader that sports a 6" E Ink touch pearl display with no front-light.

Kobo Touch 2.0 photo

The Touch 2.0 is nhow shipping in Canada for $80CAD (about $60 USD).

E Ink display info: 
6" E Ink Pearl

Microsoft demonstrates a tablet keyboard cover with an E Ink touch display

Aug 25, 2015

Microsoft presented a new prototype tablet keyboard cover that they call DisplayCover, and it includes a 1280x305 E Ink touch screen. This can be used to access applications via shortcuts, and can also accept stylus input and touch gestures.

Microsoft says they opted for an E Ink because it's very power efficient. This is just a prototype, but hopefully Microsoft will commercialize a similar tablet cover one day.