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Recent E Ink news:

FlexEnable demonstrate their OTFT-based flexible E Ink technology

FlexEnable (recently spun-off from PlasticLogic) demonstrated their OTFT-based flexible displays, including E Ink, LCD and OLED display:

World's first E Ink traffic signs installed in Australia

The Australian road and maritime Services (RMS) installe dthe world's first E Ink trarffic signs that are optimized for road traffic. The signs use wireless communication over the cellular network can can withstand the sun's heat and power outages as it is powered by solar energy.

Visionect-RMS George-St E-Ink sign photo

The management system was developed by Visionect. The company explains that the hardware components are managed by server software programmed to 'wake up' the sign for certain pre-scheduled windows of time when the content on the sign will be changed using 3G technology. When the system is in sleep mode, it uses no power - due to the E Ink's display non volatility.

Sony to develop an E Ink remote controller

Sony launched its own crowd funding platform helped to find and finance Sony employees projects. The platform is called First Flight, and two of the first three projects use E Ink displays.

Sony HUIS E Ink remote photo

One of the E Ink projects is Sony's FES E Ink watch, that already attempted crowd funding back in 2014. The second project is the HUIS E Ink remote controller - and this one already managed to raise over $72,000 (well past its $40,000 target).

CST fails to develop ultra-thin flexible E Ink watch, project's fate uncertain

In 2013, CST introduced the CST-01 ultra-thin, flexible E Ink watch. The company later raised over $300,000 in a kickstarter campaign, offering each watch for $129.

Unfortunatly, CST faced production problems, and due to low component yields, and actual price of each watch climbed to $260. CST decided to change its manufacturor (Flextronics), but it is almost out of money.

New E Ink device: Sonder keyboard

The Sonder Keyboard is a full keyboard in which all letter and numeric keys are small E Ink displays that can be customized. The keyboard support Bluetooth and has front lighting.

Sonder keyboard photo

The Sonder Keyboard will cost $299, but early pre-orders pay only $199.

E Ink like panels to enable smart windows that dynamically change their opacity and color temperature

Researchers from the University of Cincinnati, in collaboration with Merck and HP are developing low-cost large films that can be used to create smart windows that can dynamically adapt for brightness, color temperatures and opacity.

Windows with electrokinetic pixels - render

The so-called electro-kinetic pixel technology is based on the electrophoretic principle - the same one used in E Ink panels. The researchers are developing a way to create large-sized sheets of those pixels at low cost.

New E Ink device: Kindle Paperwhite (2015)

The Kindle Paperwhite 2015 is a new version of Amazon's popular paperwhite kindle e-reader. The new 2015 edition upgrades the display with a new 6" 300DPI E Ink Carta panel. The e-reader has front-light, Wi-Fi (3G optional) and 4GB of storage (free cloud storage for Amazon content).

Kindle PaperWhite (2015) photo

The new Paperwhite will launch on June 30 2015, and will cost $119 (basic Wi-Fi edition, ad supported).

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