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E-Paper enables thin, efficient and flexible displays, suitable for e-readers and many other products. E-Ink-Info provides e-paper (motly E Ink) news and resources.

Recent E Ink news:

Pebble raises over $8 million towards the color e-paper watch

Pebble Technology, the company behind the successful Pebble smartwatch, is now developing a new version called Pebble Time - that sports a color e-paper display. The company launched a kickstarter campaign with an aim to raise $500,000. It took them one hour to raise $1 million, and a few days later they already passed $8 million in funding.

Pebble time image

The Pebble time uses a "color e-paper display" The original pebble used a 1.26" (144x168) monochrome memory LCD (transflective LCD made by Sharp). It's not clear what kind of displays will be used in the new Pebble, but as far as I know sharp do not produce a color memory LCD.

UK's Sainsbury trials E Ink shelf price labels

UK's retailer Sainsbury is trailing new E Ink shelf price labels at its Shoreditch Old Street Local store. Sainsbury hopes that the new digital labels will enable them to provide quicker and efficient digital pricing information. The trial's aim is to see how much paper and time is saved using the new labels.

Sainsbury E Ink shelf labels

Each unit is assigned to a certain product, and then prices and offers are updated automatically from central systems. The units use secure, encrypted software and are designed to resist cold temperatures in fridges and freezers. Some of the units will use E Ink's new Spectra panels that support white, black and red colors.

New E Ink device: Tago Arc

E Ink display info: 
Flexible curved E Ink

The Tago Arc is a bracelet covered with a flexible E Ink display that can display any design you want, controlled from your mobile phone. It has no battery as it draws all power from the NFC chip. It can connect to any NFC enabled Android device (iOS connection is not possible as the iPhone 6 NFC chip is not open to third-party apps).

Tago Arc photo

The Tago Arc is a successful crowd-funded device, and can still be ordered for $250 (lower than the final retail price after the campaign ends).

Plastic Logic spins-off its technology arm, to focus on E Ink development and production

Plastic Logic, the OTFT backplane developer and EPD producer has split into two companies. Plastic Logic will remain as an EPD developer and producer (based in Dresden, Germany) while FlexEnable (based in Cambridge, UK) will handle the OTFT backplane development and offer technology licenses to display makers.

Plastic Logic 4'' flexible OTFT AMOLED prototype photo

Here's an article from OLED-Info explaining Plastic Logic's technology. In September 2014 Plastic Logic demonstrated the world's first display based on a graphene backplane (a 150-PPI active-matrix E Ink panel).

Will Samsung release an E Ink cover for the Galaxy S6?

Samsung is set to release the Galaxy S6 in 2015 (some said at around March), and there are reports that the company will offer an add-on case that will include a secondary E Ink screen.

Other rumored features include a blood glucose sensor, 20mp camera, 64-bit CPU, fingerprint scanner and a flexible OLED display (probably in a premium model).

New E Ink device: Dasung Paperlike

E Ink display info: 
13" 1600x1200 E Ink

Dasung's Paperlike is a 13" E Ink monitor, aimed to be a secondary computer display for reading documents. The resolution is 1600 x 1200 (150 PPI) and is driven via USB.

Dasung Paperlike E Ink monitor photo

The PaperLike costs $975, and currently the company offers $325 discount for early buyers.

Displio: a 2.7-inch E Ink connected display

Latvian-based Draugiem Group launched a Kickstarter campaign with an aim to develop Displio, small customizable Wi-Fi enabled display. Displio uses a 2.7" E Ink display and can last for a month on a single charge.

Displio tiny E Ink display photo

Draugiem aims to raise $65,000 (they already have $31,000 committed) and if successful, they aim to ship the first products in Jun 2015.

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