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E-Paper enables thin, efficient and flexible displays, suitable for e-reader and many other products. Our site is dedicated to different e-paper technologies (the leading one today is E Ink). For news and information on E-Readers, please visit our sister-site E-Reader-Info.com.

Recent E Ink news:

E Ink Holdings expect revenues to fall due to weak e-reader demand

E Ink Holdings says that they expect revenues in Q2 to fall 5% to 10% compared to the previous quarter (in which revenues were $192.4 million). This is due to weak seasonal demand, mostly in e-book readers.

Analysts urge E Ink to strengthen its non-e-book businesses as the global e-reader market cannot achieve high shipment growth due to tablet popularity.

Sony to bring its 13.3" Mobius Touch E Ink Digital Paper to the US

Sony is launching its 13.3" Digital Paper device to the US. This device, intended for the legal, educational and business environments will cost $1,100. Sony's device displays PDF documents and can accept handwriting input.

Sony 13.3 Digital Paper photo

The Digital Paper uses E Ink's plastic-based 1200x1600 13.3" Mobius flexible panel that use Sony's own flexible TFT technology. Other features include 4GB of internal storage, microSD slot, Wi-Fi and PDF support (no other formats will be supported!). The DPT-S1 is 6.8 mm thick and it weighs just 358 grams.

New E Ink device: Onyx Midia

E Ink display info: 
4.3" front-lit E Ink

The Onyx Midia is an Android smartphone that has a 4.3" front-lit E Ink. Other features of this phone include a low-end Rockchip CPU, 4GB of storage, micro SD slot and a 1,800 mAh battery (enough for more than two weeks).

Onyx Midia photo

Onyx hopes to start producing the Midia in April 2014. It will ship in Europe for €140. According to Engadget, the prototype device they've seen is very slow.

YotaPhone shows a new EPD smartphone prototype

YotaPhone's first-gen E Ink / LCD mobile phone started shipping in Europe only a few months ago, and the Russian company already revealed a new prototype. The main new feature in this new prototype is the 4.7" E Ink display - it now supports touch and can now be used for e-mails, SMS messages, browsing and much more. 

YotaPhone 2nd-Gen prototype photo

The 4.3" 720p LCD has been replaced by a larger display, a 5" Full-HD Super AMOLED display (the same one used by Samsung's Galaxy S4). Seems like this is a really good upgrade, and hopefully YotaPhone will be able to release this new phone soon.

Visionect launches a DIY E-paper platform

Visionect, based in Slovenia, launched a new DIY e-paper platform that enables anyone to prototype an idea and develop an e-paper based product within days.

Visionect restaurant menu photo

Visionect's system uses standard web technologies (HTML, CSS and Javascript) to create functional products on an e-paper device. Existing web applications can be easily converted - with a click of a button.

Archos is developing a $130 E Ink smartwatch

Archos are showing three new smartwatches. The two budget ones (at $50 and $85) use LCD displays, but the high-end one uses an E Ink panel.

The premium model (which will cost $130) uses a 1.8" curved E Ink display. The battery will last 1.5 weeks. The watch will display the time, notifications from your smartphone and media controls.

Twelve24 unveils a huge E Ink watch, wants to sell it for $499

E Ink is showing a huge (meter-long) clock. This was actually built by E Ink a few years ago - just as a prototype, but now Twelve24 wants to make it into a product. They call it the ClockOne and will offer it soon for around $499. In six different colors. Huge, expensive, and not very readable, though:

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