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Recent E Ink news:

Waveshare now offers 4.3" E Ink Serial modules

Waveshare is now offering a 4.3" 800x600 E Ink module Kit. The kit has a serial interface and an embedded font library. The font library supports 32, 48 and 64 dot matrix English and GBK Chinese fonts. The kit also includes 128Mb of flash memory, and consumes very little power (sleep current less than 5mA).

Waveshare 4.3 Serial E Ink module photo

The kit is shipping via Amazon.com for $58.99 with free shipping.

Hauwei's P8 flagship smartphone has an E Ink cover accessory

Hauwei announced a new flagship Android smartphone, the P8. One of the accessories that Hauwei offers is an E Ink cover, that includes a 4.3" E Ink display that can be used to show notifications (weather, calendar or clock) - or as a small e-reader.

Huawei P8 E Ink cover

The P8 sports a thin (6.4 mm) metal body, 5.2" FHD LCD display, Octa-Core CPU, Android 5.0, 13Mp camera, 8Mp front (selfie) camera, dual SIM and 16/64GB. The P8 will launch soon in Europe for €500 (16GB).

New E Ink device: Kobo Glo HD

The Kobo Glo HD is a high-end 6" e-reader, that uses a high resolution (1448x1072, 300 PPI) Carta E Ink display (this seems to be the same display used in the Kindle Voyage). It has built-in front-light, 4GB of memory, 1Ghz CPU and Wi-Fi.

Kobo Glo HD photo

The Kobo Glo HD will ship in early May 2015 for $130.

A new Facebook page and Twitter account for E-Ink-Info

We're happy to announce a new Facebook page and Twitter account for E-Ink-Info. If you want to stay updated on the latest ePaper news, you can now do so on Facebook and Twitter. Regardless, will continue to post news and commentary on the e-paper industry and market, as we did since 2010, right here at E-Ink-Info.

E Ink reports Q4 2014 financial results, expects modest grow in e-reader shipments

E Ink Holdings reported their results for Q4 2014, with NT$793 million ($25 million USD) in net profit. The company suffered from an operating loss of $951 million ($30 million USD), but had a net profit due to royalties from the high-res FFS LCD manufacturing technology (used for the first time in an Apple iPhone). Royalties amounted to $NT3.56 billion ($110 million USD) in 2014.

For the whole of 2014, E Ink's net profit dropped to $NT13 million ($420,000 USD) - down from $NT29 million ($930,000 USD) in 2013.

Onyx reportedly developing a consumer 13.3" E Ink e-reader

According to reports, Onyx is developing a 13.3" Android (4.4.4) e-reader for the consumer market, and hopefully it will cost less than Sony's 13.3" Digital Paper device which costs over $1,000. The reported target price is $750 - which makes it cheaper than Sony's reader, but still out of reach of most consumers.

Sony 13.3-inch Digital PaperSony 13.3-inch Digital Paper

According to the Good eReader, Onyx's reader will use the same 1200x1600 13.3" E Ink Mobius panel as used in Sony's reader (and Dasung's Paperlike monitors). They report that this display uses a plastic TFT - which, if true, probably means it is made by Plastic Logic.

Dragon Innovation seeks crowdfunding to launch the world's first E Ink shoe

Dragon Innovation launched a new crowdfunding campaign with an aim to raise $50,000 for the world's first E Ink shoe, the Volvorii Timeless. The high-heeled shoe has an embedded flexible E Ink display and a Bluetooth LE module (with battery wireless charging).

Volvorii Timeless photo

Dragon raised over $17,000, and they have 22 days to reach their $50,000 goal.

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