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E-Paper enables thin, efficient and flexible displays, suitable for e-readers and many other products. E-Ink-Info provides e-paper (motly E Ink) news and resources.

Recent E Ink news:

Displio: a 2.7-inch E Ink connected display

Latvian-based Draugiem Group launched a Kickstarter campaign with an aim to develop Displio, small customizable Wi-Fi enabled display. Displio uses a 2.7" E Ink display and can last for a month on a single charge.

Displio tiny E Ink display photo

Draugiem aims to raise $65,000 (they already have $31,000 committed) and if successful, they aim to ship the first products in Jun 2015.

Pixel Qi closes down, its IP may find an owner though (Updated)

Update: turns out that Pixel Qi still exists, it's products are still being made by some makers (including CPT), and it's IP actually has been released to the public (under the DPL license). Read more here.

Back in 2010, Pixel Qi started producing its interesting dual-mode displays. This technology was promising as it allowed you to have a regular LCD display that can be switched to a black-and-white sunlight-readable power-efficient mode. Pixel Qi never managed to sell a lot of displays or find any serious device partner.

Wireless Pixel-Qi display 10 photo

The company is now out of business. US-based Tripuso Display Solutions still produces Pixel-Qi displays under license, and may end up buying Pixel Qi's IP. In any case this is a sad end to an innovative technology that managed to attract an investment from 3M back in 2011.

E Ink Prism - animated large-area flexible E Ink panels

E Ink announced a new technology called Prism that uses new flexible E Ink materials to create animated walls/furniture that can respond to input. The idea is that a conference room door can change colors based on whether the room is occupied, or a wall can change color and be animated.

E Ink Prism image

Those large-area (but still very power efficient) E Ink panels are probably very expensive, and currently E Ink will sell made-to-order installations for stores, lobbies, etc.

New E Ink device: Lenovo Vibe Band VB10

E Ink display info: 
Curved E Ink

The Lenovo Vibe Band VB10 is a fitness band that uses a curved E Ink display on a metal case (either black, gold or white). The 30 gram device keeps track of your calories, sleep quality, steps and travel distance - and can last for 7 days between charges. It also shows phone notifications.

Lenovo Vibe Band VB10 photo

The VB10 is set to launch in April, in china only for $89.

New E Ink device: LookSee E Ink bracelet

E Ink display info: 
Curved E Ink

Looksee's Bracelet is a smart wearable device that has a large curved E Ink display that can show custom images and phone notifications. The display is always on, and the device should last for months on a single charge (it does not show time) - depending on the number of times you will change the display. If you update once every hour it will last for a year.

Looksee E Ink bracelet image

LookSee did not yet disclose the price and release date of their new bracelet.

New E Ink device: Jaasta E Ink Keyboard

E Ink display info: 
Small E Ink displays

Jaasta's E Ink Keyboard uses keys with E Ink displays, so the image can change when you change a language, or use a certain software (for special short-cuts), etc. A dynamic keyboard is not a new idea - we've seen phones with small E Ink keyboards (such as the 2010 Samsung Zeal) and full keyboards with OLED displays. But this is the first full QWERTY keyboard with E Ink displays.

Jaasta E Ink keyboard photo

Jaasta plans to fund this project soon with a crowdfunding campaign. The price will be around $300.

Electro Osmosis developer IRX Innovation went bankrupt

There are reports that Dutch-based EPD developer IRX Innovations has gone bankrupt. This is sad news from one of the early EPD pioneers (the original company was established over 10 years ago as Irex Technologies by ex-Philips employees).

Irex first aimed to develop e-reader based on an E Ink display. Their first e-reader (the Iliad) shipped in 2006, and they launched several more models later on. Irex Innovation went bankrupt in 2010, but it was bought by IRX Innovation which also kept all employees. Irex developed a new EPD technology which they called Electro Osmosis which is similar to E Ink (electrophoresis) but the big difference is that the liquid that contains the charged particles also move inside the pixels in Electro Osmosis (in electrophoresis only the charged particles are moving). This enables much faster refresh rates.

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