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Recent E Ink news:

New E Ink device: Icarus Illumina

The Icarus Illumina (E653BK) is a 6" E Ink (Pearl) e-reader that runs on Android 4.2 so you can install your own applications as you wish. It offers Wi-Fi connectivity and support for all relevant e-book formats.

Icarus Illumina photo

The Illumina is shipping now for $119.95.

Microsoft demonstrates a tablet keyboard cover with an E Ink touch display

Microsoft presented a new prototype tablet keyboard cover that they call DisplayCover, and it includes a 1280x305 E Ink touch screen. This can be used to access applications via shortcuts, and can also accept stylus input and touch gestures.

Microsoft says they opted for an E Ink because it's very power efficient. This is just a prototype, but hopefully Microsoft will commercialize a similar tablet cover one day.

Polyera to release an OTFT-based flexible E Ink smartband next year

Polyera unveiled their first product, the Wove Band. This smartband device is truly flexible and uses the company's OTFT (organic-TFT) technology flexible backplane technology and an E Ink display.

Polyera Wove Band photo

Polyera will start shipping samples in December to developers and artists, and the commercial launch is planned for mid-2016.

New E Ink device: SmartPal G1

The SmartPal G1 is a smartwatch that connects to your iOS or Android phone to show notifications, GPS information and fitness information. The display is a 1.26" 144x168 E Ink panel.

SmartPal G1 photo

The SmartPal G1 is now shipping for $99.

E Ink and Netronix announced a new JV to integrate and assemble e-paper devices

E Ink Holdings announced a new joint-venture with e-reader maker Netronix. The two companies iwll launch a new JV (Netronix will hold a 51% share) in China's Jaingsu province that will focus on e-paper system integration and product assembly services.

E Ink says that the new venture will provide its services for applications such as smartphone back covers, electronic shelf labels and e-paper billboards. Production (or assembly/integration, really) will begin in October 2015.

FlexEnable demonstrate their OTFT-based flexible E Ink technology

FlexEnable (recently spun-off from PlasticLogic) demonstrated their OTFT-based flexible displays, including E Ink, LCD and OLED display:

World's first E Ink traffic signs installed in Australia

The Australian road and maritime Services (RMS) installe dthe world's first E Ink trarffic signs that are optimized for road traffic. The signs use wireless communication over the cellular network can can withstand the sun's heat and power outages as it is powered by solar energy.

Visionect-RMS George-St E-Ink sign photo

The management system was developed by Visionect. The company explains that the hardware components are managed by server software programmed to 'wake up' the sign for certain pre-scheduled windows of time when the content on the sign will be changed using 3G technology. When the system is in sleep mode, it uses no power - due to the E Ink's display non volatility.

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