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Jul 12, 2009

A Chinese company called Peking University Founder is showing a new eBook reader, that looks just like Amazon's Kindle 2. They say they will release it by the end of 2009, in Japan, for around 210$ (the kindle 2, by the way, costs 299$).

Founder International ebook reader

It includes a cellular connection (they say it needs a SIM card) to download new books, and will use their own 'Apabi' ebook software. The screen is 'about' 6", not sure what kind of display yet.



The Chinese can be such a**holes. They never create something of their own and simply rip-off others' ideas. This is like the hundredth time I am seeing something like this.

Yeah, like, paper, fireworks, paper money, compass, gunpowder, printing etc. I think you are an a**hole for not checking this and behaving like real racist. Oh yeah, Chinese did not invented KKK but at the same time they did not copy it from you.

Your reply was not relevant; paper, fireworks, blah blah were invented AGES ago.

Counterfeit good production from China is a real problem now, in the modern real world.
Please stay in the "here and now" with the rest of us.

Has nothing to do with race. How brilliant of you to make an unsubstantiated, defensive comment like that.

I admit China has counterfeid good production problem, but you can't just say China never created anything of its own. The first comment and yours are indeed from people like you with no brain.

I can give a recent example:

Please check who is the creator of vcd?

the fact that its not original matters not because it can more than likely do things that the kindle cannot just as most Chinese rip off cellphone can do so many amazing things that the original American version cannot and if you ever looked on a wholesale site you would see lots of useful products that we don't even carry in America also America buys the ideas for lots of the luxury items we have here from other countries like china or have these items built there then shipped here to America nothing is truly original nearly everything is inspired by something else

i love when random comments on products become a huge racism debate all of a sudden! it's even better when people take it personally.

I am a Chinese and I completely agree with you! People just need to show some respect on each other.

Healthy competition is a good thing sometimes. Otherwise, Kindle 3 coming out next month might still not have Chinese support.

Kindle cannot handle Chinese characters and that is a bummer. It might be a bit disturbing that the ounder ebook reader look so similar to Kindle.  Since that model is for sale in the US, and Kindle is not for sale in China.  So there is really no conflict.

Stop being racist. Were you born in the 1700's and 1800's to see who copied who?

"No one has heard of Amazon" in China, according to Hanwang Chairman Liu Huanjian in the following article:

While the design is a copy of the Kindle, the functionality differs. The Kindle does NOT display Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other foreign languages.

This eBook reader is aimed at overseas markets where Amazon does not have any presence whatsoever (ie, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and the rest of the world) and where the Kindle would be useless because it only supports English.

Despite the fact that the Kindle devices are manufactured in China, Amazon has not yet expanded into the international market, in contrast with other competitors such as Sony. Outside of the US, the Amazon Kindle has no brand recognition.

There would not be much point for this company to market its ebook reader in the US, since it would be unable to access the Amazon Kindle ebookstore for reading content.

Until Kindle is ready to go global, if and when, there is a huge market opportunity for these kinds of devices. The Chinese company mentioned here has the right strategy and product, but it is too bad it didn't develop its own product design.

Does it also feature newspaper dailies or just books? Is it already available in the Philippines?

Blah blah blah you two, no one cares; but-everyone (who matters) wants a kindle [type device] to come with native chinese support. Hooray! I will buy one and probably stop using the kindle I have. I just hope it has a dictionary function.