Ynvisible starts to ship commercial roll-to-roll printed large-area segmented displays to Pickletech

Electrochromics display developer Ynvisible is pleased to report the first commercial delivery of wholly customized roll-to-roll printed segment displays to Pickletech, for portable Pickleball tournaments scoreboards. This is Ynvisible's largest roll-to-roll display production by size to date.

These displays are used in real-life situations where large audiences will see the displays in use, which is a great milestone for Ynvisible - large area roll-to-roll production of electrochromic displays.

Pickletech's lead engineer, Lee Daniel, worked with Ynvisible to design the segmented displays. The company's previous hardware designs, which used LEDs and ePaper were prototyped with the conclusion that the displays needed to be larger and cheaper but would be too power-hungry to be visible in direct sunlight and would be cost-prohibitive at a larger size. Ynvisible's technology has allowed Pickletech to have custom displays specific to their needs that are 7x larger than previous designs and cost savings of 60%.

Posted: Oct 23,2020 by Ron Mertens