Visionect launches a 32" version of its Place & Play digital sign

Visionect announced a new large-format version of its digital sign product, the Place & Play. The Place & PLay is created to be a hassle-free digital signage that works straight out of the box with a mount, software (CMS) and battery powered operation.

VIsionect Place & Play 32 image

The 32" model features a resolution of 2560x1440 and 16-level grayscale. The E Ink display is glare-free and is always readable when light is available. Place & Play displays are run via battery (with several months between charges) and do not require any wires (for power or connectivity).

Visionect launches a new 13.3" digital E Ink sign

Visionect announced a new 13.3" E Ink based sign display called OneThree. This battery-powered wireless display is a "place & play" digital sign that can display information in any place.

Visionect One Three photo

The OneThree casing is made of fully recyclable aluminum and glass and the display is a low-power E Ink display (Visionect says that it uses as much energy in a year as it takes to boil a cup of water). The OneThree will start shipping in the fall of 2017.

Switzerland-based BePooler designs solar-power E Ink car park signs

Switzerland-based BePooler developed an off-the-gird solar-powered E Ink parking signs which reserve free parking spots for commuters in Bepooler’s Park & Ride service. 

BePooler solar-powered E Ink car park sign photo

BePooler says that this service is the first of its kind in the world. BePooler is already in use by 15 companies - to generate over 300 shared trips per week. BePooler is supported by preferential parking spaces booked for those who join the service. The parking signs display the license plates of the vehicles participating in the program.

Visionect and Soofa launch solor-powered color E Ink based next-gen bulletin boards

An MIT spinoff company called Soofa partnered with Visionect to create a solar-powered E Ink based next-gen bulletin board. The Soofa Sign shares information with the local community with an aim to contribute to the city's sustainability goals. 

MIT E Ink Soofa Sign photo

The Soofa Sign is wireless and runs entirely off the solar panel on its top - which means that installation is truly plug-and-play and hassle-free as it only requires four bolts. The display itself is a 32" color E Ink panel. Soofa is now installing signs in Boston, MA - and will soon expand to other cities in the US.

Bus stop information display pioneer Papercast sees accelerated demand

A couple of months ago we reported about a new bus stop information display trail in Singapore’ that used color 31.2" E Ink displays with LED front light. The system design and integration was performed by Visionect, and the company behind the project is called Papercast.

Singapore public transport color E Ink display

Papercast, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia,  now announced that it is opening a new office in London to meet "growing demand across the European region". Papercast said it has experienced accelerated demand for its world-class digital passenger information solution in some of the world’s more forward thinking passenger transport markets, with deployments in Asia, Europe and the USA.

Visionect expand its Joan E Ink Meeting Room Assistant product lineup

Visionect announced that it is expanding its Joan meeting room assistant lineup. The company now offers three different versions: the basic Joan Assistant with Wi-Fi and a non-touch display for viewing only, the Joan Manager that allows booking on the spot via a touchscreen and the Joan Executive that adds WPA2-EAP encryption to the Wi-Fi.

Visionect Joan meeting room E Ink manager photo

Visionect now takes pre-orders for the new products, which will officially launch on October 1st. Joan Assistant retails for $279, Joan Manager for $349 and Jaon Executive for $399. E-Ink-Info get free shipping on all Joan versions, simply use the coupon EINKINFO20A9 when you checkout. You can also see how the different versions compare here.

E-Ink-Info readers get free shipping on Visionect's E Ink meeting room assistant

In January 2016 Visionect launched its JOAN Meeting Room Assistant, and we're happy to announce that Visionect now offers free shipping for E-Ink-Info readers. JOAN uses a 6" E Ink Pearl panel to provide a beautiful calendar scheduling solution, connecting wirelessly to your calendar, and running on batteries for months between charges.

JOAN costs €349 - to claim your free shipping, simply use the coupon EINKINFO20A9 when you checkout. JOAN can be a great way to spruce up your meeting rooms!

Visionect and RoadAds develop an E Ink based truck ad platform

E Ink developer Visionect partnered with German-based RoadAds Interactive developed e-paper based truck displays that provide location targeted advertising in real time. The system also display s GPS-triggered information such as traffic jams ahead, the distance to the next gas station, etc.

RoadAds say that this system bypasses the traditional weaknesses of print advertising - long installation time and stale content. Of course the ads can be more relevant and location based compared to regular print ads. The E Ink displays are efficient and emit no light pollution - which makes them compliant with EU regulations.

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