ZTE shows a prototype E Ink smartwatch

ZTE unveiled a new prototype smartwatch at CES, with an E Ink display. They aim to release the so-called BlueWatch in China in the second half of 2014.

ZTE's BlueWatch supports bluetooth to connect to your smartphone to show notifications.

Qualcomm's Mirasol Toq smart watch to launch on December 2nd for $350

In September Qualcomm unveiled the Toq smartwatch that uses a small full-touch Mirasol display. They promised they will release it later in 2013 and indeed now Qualcomm announced that the Toq will be available on December 2nd - for $350.

Other Toq features include Bluetoothm, Wi-fi and a wireless charging dock that also doubles as a case for the optional bluetooth headset. It supports Android 4.0.3 and higher.

Qualcomm unveils an android-companion smart watch with a Mirasol display

Qualcomm unveiled a very interesting smartwatch called Toq that uses a small full-touch Mirasol display. This is an Android-companion device (for 4.0.3 devices and higher) that hopefully will be released later this year. It features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and has a wireless charging dock that also doubles as a case for the optional bluetooth headset.

Good E-Reader reviews Seiko's 2nd-Gen E Ink watch

The Good E-Reader site posted a review of Seiko's SBPA003, their 2nd-gen E Ink watch. The watch uses an active-matrix E Ink panel, 1.5" in size (300 PPI). Seiko says it's got a new active-matrix drivers that enable it to be very power efficient. The watch recharges via a small solar-panel (which is located around the display). The watch synchronizes automatically via signals from atomic clocks, but these aren't available in all places.

The reviewer says that the watch is great, although there's no way to sync to Android or iOS.

E Ink announces a new 1.73" flexible E Ink display for smart watches

E Ink announced a new 1.73" flexible "Mobius" display, specifically engineered for smartwatch and watch applications. The display features a 320x240 resolution and 16 grayscale levels, and it can be cut into different shapes.

The first produce to use this new display is the Sonostar Smartwatch, which was announced at Computex, Taiwan. The watch was jointly developed by Sonostar and E Ink's subsidiary Transmart.

Pebble will start shipping E Ink smart watches to Kickstarter backers on January 23

Remember the Pebble E Ink smartwatch? Allerta says that they will begin shipping watches to Kickstarter backers on January 23rd. It will take them six to eight weeks to ship all 85,000 orders. Afterwards the company will begin to ship to other buyers ($150).

Allerta's Pebble is a smartwatch that can connect to iOS or Android devices. The watch has a 144-168 active-matrix E Ink display. The phone includes a vibrating motor, four buttons, a 3-axis accelerometer and Bluetooth.

OLED-Info is giving away 2 phosphor E Ink watches...

Update: The giveaway rules have changed a bit - in addition to liking the OLED-Info page, you'll need to like the giveaway post on facebook as well... The random winner will be chosen from all the people who like the post and are an OLED-Info fan as well. Good luck!

Our sister-site OLED-Info is running an holiday giveaway - with a chance to win a free copy of The OLED Handbook, and two phosphor world-time E Ink watches (which were kindly provided by E Ink). These three cool prizes will be randomly given to three lucky fans of OLED-Info's facebook page on January 1st. To participate, click like on the OLED-Info page, and also like the giveaway post.

Phosphor World Time E Ink watch photo

The Phosphor world-time E Ink watch has a SURF (segmented) E Ink display that offers 24 time zones and several displays modes. It's a large watch, and it takes some time to get used to, but it looks good and draws a lot of attention... Here's our hands review of this watch. This watch costs $125 at Amazon.com (although it's currently out-of-stock).

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