More information on the Mirasol display

Engadget has got some new information on Qualcomm's Mirasol display exhibited at CES:

  • Qualcomm claims a 6X (!) power advantage over E Ink in a typical usage scenario, even with the color and video.
  • Qualcomm expects that the first product that uses their display will indeed use the 5.7" XGA display that Qualcomm are showing.
  • The display can be paired with a capactivie or resistive touchscreen (which impairs visibility a little, just like it does with any other display).
  • Qualcomm has a method to light the display from the edges, which will provide even lighting across the display.

Skiff announces their e-reader, with a 11.5" flexible E Ink display

Skiff (owned by Hearst corporation) has announced their Skiff e-reader. It has the largest display of all current e-readers at 11.5". It's actually a flexible E Ink touchscreen, with a 1200x1600 pixel resolution.

Skiff e-reader photo

The display is a rugged metal-foil on a flexible stainless-steel substrate. It is made by LG Display (who licensed E Ink just a few days ago). Skiff say that it's shatter-proof and crack-proof.

ITRI is showing new flexible e-paper technologies

Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) showed off a few flexible e-paper prototypes. One of these is a color e-reader touchscreen display. It's a Ch-LCD (cholesteric liquid crystal display), thin and light and consumes very little power, and should be cheap to make.

ITRI will co-develop flexible e-paper with AUO and Elan

Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) will co-develop large-size flexible e-paper with AU Optronics. They will also co-develop large-size flexible touch panels with Elan Microelectronics. In the future they also plan to develop e-paper panels that will be ultra-thin, touch enabled, flexible and transparent.

Dulin announces 3 new e-readers, 2 of which are available today

Dulin is introducing 3 new e-readers. All of them run on Linux, support PDF and ePub (and more formats), has MP3 playback, and includes games and built-in software such as a dictionary and calendar.

  • The PocketBook 360 is the basic model, with a 5" display, and is available today for 240$.
  • The PocketBook 301 has a 6" display. It's available now for 275$.
  • The Boox has a 6" display, faster processor, includes a Wacom digitizer (pen input), Wi-Fi and a web browser. It's not available yet.

Barnes and Noble officially releases their new reader, the "nook"

Barnes and Noble officially announced their e-reader, the "Nook". It's got two displays - a 6" E Ink (16-level gray) and a 3.5" touch LCD. The Nook runs on Google's Android platform, has 2GB of memory built in and a microSD card slot, and can play MP3 files, photos and more. It supports ePub, PDFs and more formats. There's free wireless in the US (via AT&T) and Wi-Fi, too.

The Nook is available from Barnes & Noble's site, for 259$. It will ship in November.

Epson and E Ink announce a new faster and smaller display controller

Seiko Epson and E Ink announced a new joinly developed display controller IC, the  S1D13522, which provides a high performance, space saving solution for E Ink's Vizplex-enabled electronic paper displays. The new IC is based on the same powerful engine as the first model, the S1D13521, but provides customers with a higher level of performance and additional features.

The new Epson display controller (code named ISIS) includes 2M bytes of embedded memory and features that greatly reduce the CPU overhead for EPD applications. Allowing multi-regional and concurrent display updates, the S1D13522 adds interface support for direct Touch/Pen drawing. In addition Picture-in-Picture, Rotation, Transparency, and Hardware Cursor functions further increase flexibility in delivering the optimal display experience.

The Advanced Sequencer Engine, Power Management, I2C Thermal Sensor, and optional Serial Flash Memory support make a variety of implementations possible. The new controller also adds interfaces for PMIC I/F and panel auto ID read. Combining all these unique features enables application developers to develop products more efficiently. The S1D13522 is the ideal choice for new EPD designs and design upgrades. Samples of the Epson S1D13522 are available now. Sample price is $20. Production quantities will be available in January 2010.

E Ink plans to offer an ISIS prototype kit that will enable engineers to rapidly prototype and develop next generation ePaper products. Details will be announced when kits are available.

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