E Ink - do not expect a new monochrome E Ink display in 2011

E Ink's Sri Peruvemba says that there's generally a two-year cycle in E Ink technology as it takes some time to develop and test new generation displays. Sri says that we shouldn't expect a new monochrome E Ink display (to replace the Pearl) in 2011. I guess we'll have to wait till 2012!

What we are likely to see soon are speed improvements - full-motion video (24fps) using updated drivers and faster processors. Bookeen has already been showing about 10-15fps video on Pearl displays.

Bookeen shows smooth video playback on an E Ink display

Update: We just got word from Bookeen. They say that everything is done on components that are available on the market with Bookeen's software - and they expect such performance to be available on the next-gen e-readers to appear soon. The power consumption, interestingly, is said to be equivalanet to a non-backlit LCD while running videos. The video, by the way, is a standard H.264 with no special treatment needed.

Bookeen's R&D team has achieved smooth video playback on an E Ink Pearl display. They are using a TI OMAP 3621 CPU (with its embedded software controller) and show a H.264 encoded video:

We don't know what are Bookeen plans here - whether they'd want to release a video-enabled reader or perhaps license their new technology?

Zikon's nanotech electronic ink displays promise to be cheaper and faster than E Ink

Zikon has developed a new kind of nano-technology based electronic-ink display. They say it can be cheaper than E Ink (as it can be printed more easily and does not require encapsulation)and is much faster (and can show videos). They estimate that simple displays can be made within 1 year - and are considering making a "color-changing" fingernail (or nail-polish, really). Here's a short interview with their CTO explaining how this all works:

ynvisible ink kit - create your own electrochrommic printed displaysynvisible ink kit - create your own electrochrommic printed displays