First Mirasol device at CES 2011?

There are reports that PocketBook will release an e-reader at CES 2011 (January) - the first one with a Mirasol display. This will be a color display featuring 12fps refresh rate. PocketBook says that this is a mistake, but the information was included in an official PR...

Correction: Qualcomm is already producing Mirasol displays

Two days ago we reported that Mirasol displays are delayed till early 2011. But that was not true: today we hear that Qualcomm is already producing panels and will start shipping them to OEMs this fall. But the release of devices that uses these displays is not expected before early 2011.

The 5.7" XGA displays will be used in devices that look more like a tablet than an e-reader. In the future they also plan to produce smaller displays for smartphones. They did not comment about the $2 billion Mirasol plant.

Qualcomm to invest $2 billion in a Mirasol plant, production to start in 2012

Qualcomm plans to invest $2 billion in a 4.5 Gen Mirasol production plant. Volume production will being in 2012. The mainly aim to produce 5.7" color panels. There are reports that samples have been shipped to customers already, and at least one 'major client' has started the design-in process.

Mirasol displays claim a 6X power advantage of E Ink, offer a fast response time (enough for Video!) and color.

More information on the Mirasol display

Engadget has got some new information on Qualcomm's Mirasol display exhibited at CES:

  • Qualcomm claims a 6X (!) power advantage over E Ink in a typical usage scenario, even with the color and video.
  • Qualcomm expects that the first product that uses their display will indeed use the 5.7" XGA display that Qualcomm are showing.
  • The display can be paired with a capactivie or resistive touchscreen (which impairs visibility a little, just like it does with any other display).
  • Qualcomm has a method to light the display from the edges, which will provide even lighting across the display.
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