Delta will use AMTC's 3.5G production line for e-paper panels

Delta Electronics will use Allied Material Technology (AMTC)'s 3.5" color-filter production line to produce e-paper panels. Delta decided not to build their own production line to save costs. They might lease the production line, or buy it.

Delta is using Bridgestone's technology to make the e-paper panels, and will also launch thier own e-reader in 3Q 2010. In the future they also plan to launch color e-paper displays.

Bridgestone to start making ePaper displays, color ePaper to follow

Bridgestone will being to make ePaper displays. They will give more details in a few weeks. The company develops their own ePaper, using "electron powder and granular material."

Bridgetstone Pen Input ePaper prototypeBridgetstone Pen Input ePaper prototype

The Bridgestone e-paper is suited for e-readers,it is A4 in size, and has a fast refresh rate - 0.8 seconds to refresh. This makes it possible to do pen-input touch ePaper devices.

Bridgestone develop their own color e-paper technology

Bridgestone Corp developed their own color e-paper technology (called QR-LPD), that also supports pen-input (sing Wacom's pen input tablet). Bridgestone's display has 0.8 second refresh rate.

Bridgestone E-Paper prototypeBridgestone E-Paper prototype

They have also published a short video of the new display:

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