Two months ago we reported about Shenzhen Ocean Blue Technology's bid to raise $2,000 in order to build the world's first E Ink monitor - which is actually an E Ink (6" , 800x600) e-reader that doubles as a monitor using a stand and a computer connection that will sell for $99. That campaign was succesful and the company now embarks in their second crowdfunding project.

The RockthEink project aims to build an E Ink SDK that uses a Cortex A8 RK2918 1GHz CPU -Supporting both TFT/LCD panel and e-paper panels. RockthEink will support 7inch TFT/LCD and different E-INK panels like 6, 8, 9.7, 13.3 inch 16-grey level as well as 8" color E Ink (Triton). This time SZOBT are trying to raise $5,000. Each SDK board will cost $79.

You can read more and support this project here