Seiko Epson announced that it has developed a new 16-bit micro-controller (the S1C17F57) for segmented e-paper displays (like the E Ink SURF). The new chip is now shipping samples, and will be available in volume by March 2011.

The S1C17F57 has memory (ROM and RAM), timers, and serial interfaces. It includes a real-time clock, theoretical regulation, a high performance segmented EPD driver, and a temperature sensor (so it can correct temperature related distortions). The IC draws 120 nA in sleep mode and the bare die is only 200-microns thick.

Seiko Epson has also started shipping the new energy-efficient S1D14F50 drivers for segmented e-papers. These chips draw just 100 nA of power in deep-standby mode, and can be coupled with the new S1C17F57.

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