PocketBook's CoverReader is a smart cover for mobile phones that adds an e-reader functionality via a 4.8" E Ink display. It integrates with the Android OS to allow you to easily view books and information on the E Ink panel. The first model will ship for Samsung's Galaxy S4 soon, and the company plans to develop more versions for more Samsung, HTC and Sony phones.

GS4 PocketCover photo

PocketBook also announced that they will use Plastic Logic's flexible 4.8" E Ink displays in the next-gen CoverBook. The current generation CoverBook uses a glass base panel. PocketBook says that the Plastic Logic's flexible EPD 4.8" display will be manufactured in Plastic Logic's  Dresden facility. This new display has a range of benefits - such screens are flexible, shatterproof, ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight, power saving and daylight readable.

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