Plastic Logic launched a new range of color E Ink displays, under the Legio brand. The first panel the company is offering a is a 2.1-inch 240x146 4 color flexible display, with an Ultrachip UC8156 single chip EPD controller. The 2.1" Legio is available as engineering samples and in volume.

Plastic Logic Legio color E Ink display module photo

Plastic Logic offers a range of controller platforms and reference sizes, which will be available soon - and the company also offers a custom design to support specific display needs.

These panels are based on E Ink's advanced color ePaper technology, called ACeP. E Ink says that ACeP is a high quality, color reflective electronic paper that can produce full color at every pixel without the use of a color filter array (CFA). ACeP is full-color, it is rather strange that Plastic Logic opted to provide only four colors in this display, maybe it's more about the controller and backplane than the film itself.