E Ink announced today that over 1 million E-Book readers with their displays are being used today. In fact almost all epaper readers use E Ink technology. 

At SID 2009 (starting sunday), E Ink will showcase many such readers:

  • Cybook Gen 3 by Bookeen
  • Digital Reader 1000S by iRex
  • eSlick by Foxit
  • EZ Reader by Astak
  • HandyBOOK N516 by Hanvon
  • Hanlin eReader V3 & V8 by Tianjin Jinke Electronics
  • iLiad 2nd Edition by iRex
  • Kindle 2 by Amazon
  • NUUT from Neolux
  • Reader Digital Book PRS-505 & PRS-700 by Sony
  • STAReBOOK STK-101 by Staretek